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40 + Best MCQ on Teaching Aptitude | Nishtha 2.0 Question Answer in English

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MCQ on Teaching Aptitude | Nishtha 2.0 Question Answer

1 . Which of the following statements is not true for National Curriculum Framework (NCF) :

A) It provides a set of educational aims in line with the vision outlined in the National Policy on Education

B) It provides guidance on the content to be included in syllabus and textbooks,

C) NCF do not have linkage with National level educational policies.

D) NCERT has been given the mandate to develop NCFS

Ans: C

2 . The NEP 2020 proposes to change existing design of school education from 10+2 to:

A) 5+3+3+4

B) None

C) 5+3+4

D) 3+5+3+5

Ans: A

3 . Learning Outcomes helps teachers to

i) go beyond textbooks

ii) plan lessons as per the textbook content

iii) address the needs of all children

iv) use multiple pedagogies in the classroom

Which of the options support the above statement ?

A) i, iii and iv

B) i, ii and iii

C) ii, iii and iv
D) i, ii and iv

Ans: A

4 . An outline of the themes or topics to be included in a subject for specific class to be covered in the stipulated time is called –

A) Programme

B) Curriculum

C) Course

D) Syllabus

Ans: D

5 . In the process of curriculum development, syllabus is placed in between

A) NCF and Textbooks

B) Teacher Support Material and NCF

C) National Education Policy and NCF

D) Textbooks and Examinations

Ans: A

6 . Learning Outcomes articulates

A) The predicted output of the subject contents to be taught.

B) The competency of the teachers to evaluate the performances of learners.

C) The developed knowledge, skills, personal social qualities and attitudes of learners after a scheduled course of teaching learning activities.

D) The process and procedure of assessment of learning achievements after the targeted learning inputs

Ans: C

7 . Which of the following is not a guiding principle of NCF 2005

A) Curriculum is text book centric

B) Connecting knowledge to life outside the school

C) Ensuring that the learning is shifted away from rote memory

D) Making examinations more flexile

Ans: A

8 . School Curriculum reflects culture of

A) School

B) Locality

C) Society

D) Home

Ans: C

9 . Effectiveness of school curriculum is determined by

A) Community Participation

B) Students’ learning outcomes

C) Teachers’ competencies

D) School Leadership

Ans: B

10 . To communicate with others, alternative communication system helps

A) Children with deaf blindness

B) Children with or without disability.

C) Children with hearing disability.

D) Children with speech and language disability.

Ans: B

11 . Which of the following does SWAYAM refers to

A) Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds

B) Study Webs of Active-Learning for Youth Aspiring Minds

C) Study Webs of Active-Learning for Your Aspiring Minds

D) Study Webs of Actual-Learning of Young Aspiring Minds

Ans: A

12 . Knowledge for integrating ICT in teaching, learning and assessment is described by:





Ans: B

13 . To ensure the creation of user friendly and quality eContent what recommendation has been made in NEP 2020

A) Identification of better firms for content creation

B) Rating and reviews by the users

C) Procurement of equipment for content creation

D) AI based content creation

Ans: B

14 . One of the following CANNOT be considered an digital tool

A) Video

B) Simulations

C) Audio

D) Textbook

Ans: D

15 . Information categorized as digital text, images, audio, video, animations, interactive and simulations which can be accessed from repositories & web portals like NROER, e-Pathshala, Olabs etc. or through any digital device is called

A) Internet Material

B) Web resources

C) An eContent

D) Digital repository

Ans: C

16 . What is not true?

An interactive computer simulation

A) Enables users to manipulate parameters of the processes and directly receive feedback

B) Enables users (teachers and students) to change the inputs

C) Does not allow the user to manipulate any parameters

D) Allows the user to provide inputs to the model

Ans: C

17 . The responsible rules and behaviours designed to keep individuals safe whenever connected to the Internet are categorised as

A) Cyber Security

B) Cyber Hygiene

C) Cyber Safety

D) Cyber Space

Ans: C

18 . Which is the most appropriate approach to teach mathematics to students having low bandwidth internet connectivity

A) Sharing the resources through instant messengers like whatsapp, telegram etc.

B) Audio Lessons through radio, FM etc

C) Online classes through any video conferencing tool

D) Video lessons through TV channels

Ans: D

19 . What does DIKSHA refers to

A) Digital Infrastructure of Knowledge Sharing

B) Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing

C) Digital India Knowledge Sharing

D) Digital Information for Knowledge sharing

Ans: B

20 . A Multi-sensory learning experience ensures providing a learner with

A) Visual, olfactory, tactile stimulus

B) Video, audio, kinesthetic and tactile’ stimulus

C) Conscious, visual stimulus

D) Visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile stimulus

Ans: D

21 . What are the ICT Initiatives of NCERT?

A) NAD, NDL India, E- Sodh Sindhs (eSS) and Talk to a Teacher Programme

B) E-acharya, E-Kalpa, BAADAL, IMPRINT, NPTEL and OSKAR

C) DIKSHA, e-Pathshala, NROER, ICT in Education curriculum

D) ASHA, Agriculture Information Center, AGMARKNET, AGRISNET

Ans: C

22 . Which of the following is NOT a free and open source software

A) Audacity

B) Microsoft Word

C) Tuxmath

D) EduActiv8

Ans: B

  1. Which portal is projects as ONE NATION ONE PLATFORM





Ans: B

24 . The abbreviation of TPACK

A) Technological Pedagogy and Content Knowledge

B) Technology Pedagogy and Curriculum Knowledge

C) Technical Pedagogy and Curriculum Knowledge

D) Technical Pedagogy and Content Knowledge

Ans: A

25 . Which of the following statements about SMS technology is TRUE?

A) It works only on high-end smartphones.

B) It is expensive to use.

C) Learners can send an SMS for help and support

D) It cannot be used to contact groups of learners

Ans: C

26 . A Open Educational interactive program for learning ‘Periodic Table of Elements’ is

A) Marble

B) Kalzium

C) ChemDraw

D) Avogadro

Ans: B

27 . Which of the following is a telecasting programme



C) PMeVidya


Ans: C

28 . Which of the following are the characteristics of a sensitive person?

A) Unable to quickly understand what others are saying

B) Able to observe others’ non-verbal expressions

C) Unable to show/display non-verbal expression

D) Able to observe other’s’ language proficiency

Ans: B

29 . Learners in the classroom imbibe PSQs by:

A) Emulating the teacher

B) Being harassed by others

C) Being given lectures on moral science

D) Being punished for bad behaviour

Ans: A

30 . Taking genuine interest in a conversation is a sign of

A) Leadership

B) Acceptance

C) Concern

D) Empathy

Ans: D

31 . Taking responsibility for one’s own actions reflects

A) Positive social skills

B) Communication

C) Leadership

D) Acceptance

Ans: A

32 . Which of the following is an effective non-verbal communication?

A) Maintaining eye contact when listening

B) Pausing more while speaking

C) Not looking directly into the speaker’s eyes

D) Leaning backward when paying attention

Ans: A

33 . A student in Class IX has not been able to pay the school fee. The student is also not showing much progress in the class assessment. The teacher scolds the student in the classroom and during lunch in the staff room says that this is to be expected from such students considering the background the student is coming from. The teacher is NOT reflecting which PSQ?

A) Sensitivity

B) Smile

C) Confidence

D) Eye Contact

Ans: A

34 . If a student always gets into conflict when working in a group, the student needs to learn

A) Team spirit

B) Cooperation

C) Compassion

D) Team building

Ans: B

35 . A positive learning environment cannot be created by

A) Comparing students with their classmates

B) Accepting the uniqueness of all children

C) Using appropriate disciplining techniques

D) Effective classroom management

Ans: A

36 . Effective communication is taking place when

A) It is a one-way process

B) It is fluent

C) Unable to comprehend

D) It involves attentiveness

Ans: D

37 . Greeting students with a warm smile as they enter school helps to develop

A) Empathy

B) Smile

C) Sensitivity

D) Trustworthiness

Ans: D

38 . Asking probing questions to know more about the other person reflects the intention

a) To advice

B) To develop a good rapport

C) To be caring

D) To judge

Ans: B

39 . The best way to describe the role of the a teacher in the present context is

A) Teacher as therapist

B) Teacher as a counsellor

C) Teacher as a leader

D) Teacher as a storehouse of knowledge

Ans: B

40 . Which of the following is effective non-verbal communication?

A) Confident and clear voice

B) Making eye contact to distract

C) Mocking others while someone is speaking

D) Group conversations

Ans: A

41 . To help develop a positive environment, one must be

A) Thinking and responding quickly

B) Decisive

C) Judgemental

D) Patient and caring

Ans: D

42 . When you are deciding whether a learner in your class is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you are being:

A) Careless

B) Supportive

C) Strict

D) Judgmental

Ans: D

43 . Knowing and understanding students can be achieved through

A) Being sensitive

B) Being inquisitive

C) Being judgmental

D) Being evaluative

Ans: A

44 . In case of a conflict amongst your students, which strategy would you apply as a teacher?

A) Use your authority and decide how to resolve the conflict

B) Refer the matter to the school Principal

C) Facilitate a dialogue between the students

D) Overlook the matter thinking that with passage of time it will get resolved

Ans: C

45 . ‘Attending’ is an important stage of Guidance in schools. It is an important skill where teachers:

A) Listen to verbal as well as non-verbal cues

B) Focus on setting goals

C) Plan interventions

D) Develop a relationship with students

Answer: A

  1. Karen, a 17-year-old boy, occasionally argues with his parents as he wants to go to the movies with his friends. He also comes home late. His parents are concerned. What do you think this kind of parent-child relationship during the adolescent years indicates?

A) Bad Parents

B) A ruined teen

C) A ruined parent-child relationship

D) An adolescent wish to seek autonomy

Answer: D

47 . Peer-pressure can influence the learners to try

A) Be calm

B) Communicate with your parents

C) Be assertive

D) Peculiar hairstyle

Answer: D

48 . Sameer is in class 7th. From the past two months, his teacher noticed that he is frequently absent in the classes and even if he is present, he appears withdrawn in the class. He rarely finishes his homework. What can be the most effective strategy to help Sameer?

A) Individual case plan

B) Career counselling

C) Group guidance

Answer: A

49 . Meera is an 8th grade student. She is constantly worried about her appearance so much so that she stopped eating meals at night and often skipped breakfast as well. She even withdraws herself from attending social events as she believes people consider her unattractive. What do you think is her problem?

A) Career Confusion

B) Body image

C) Bullying

D) Academic stress

Answer: B

50 . A girl who is facing difficulty with her studies such as poor time management, procrastination may go for

A) Vocational Guidance

B) Personal-social guidance

C) Career Guidance

D) Educational Guidance

Answer : D

51 . Which is not the aim of the Guidance and Counselling approach?

A) To adjust better

B) To promote personal development

C) To build physical strength

D) To support educational and vocational development

Answer: C

52 . The tendency to engage in activities that have the potential to be harmful or dangerous is called

A) Body Image Issue

B) Risk taking behaviours

C) Peer-pressure

D) Substance Abuse

Answer : B

53 . Counselling is the process of empowering the clients

A) To resolve Personal, Social or psychological problem

B) To adopt preventive strategies in life

C) To explore the world.

D) To work on guidance functionary

Answer: A

54 . Which is essential for effective functioning of the Guidance and Counselling approach in classrooms?

A) Teacher should not tolerate even a little of misconduct by the child

B) All teachers must be trained as guidance functionary

C) Teachers should never convey criticism to the student

D) Establishing a trusting and caring teacher student relationship

Answer: D

55 . To facilitate the role of teachers as guidance-minded personnel, one requires to develop

A) The counselling strategies

B) Awareness of Oneself

C) Awareness of new fashion trends.

D) An awareness of Pedagogical advancements in teaching

Answer: A

56 . The purpose of educational guidance is:

A) To assistant students in their academic concerns

B) To provide the information about occupation

C) To promote sports in the students’ lives

D) To help them deal with problems of emotional and social adjustment

Answer: A

57 . Which is required to help the students deal with the problems of emotional and social adjustment that students face:

A) Personal-social guidance

B) Peer counselling

C) Vocational guidance

D) Career guidance

Answer: A

58 . Which of these is the roadblock in effective communication?

A) Being supportive

B) Alertness

C) Absence of prejudice and bias

D) Lack of attending skills

Answer: D

59 . A guidance-minded teacher is the one who is able to

A) Create emotional turmoils in the person

B) Always sacrifices oneself

C) Alter the individual personality

D) Facilitate a change in beliefs, the feelings, and thoughts of a person

Answer: D

60 . There are developmental changes that a secondary student undergoes. These developmental changes do not include:

A) Affective

B) Physical

C) Economic

D) Cognitive

Answer : C

61 . Guidance involves four main stages, attending Goal setting, interventions and

A) Provide feedback

B) Noticing the changes in students

C) Rapport building

D) Exploring the concerns in details

Answer: A

62 . Which is true for peer influence?

A) It helps them cope with stress

B) It can be positive or negative

C) It is always positive

D) It always helps them to grow

Answer : B

63 . Which of the following is part of active listening?

A) Identify your strengths and weaknesses

B) Evaluating the thoughts of the person

C) Absence of preconceived ideas

D) Making Eye Contact, Nodding and asking for clarifications

Answer: D

64 . Physical Activities mainly prevents us from

A) Arthritis

B) Cardiovascular diseases

C) Alzheimer’s

D) Diabetes

Answer: D

65 . Which one of the following is a permanent change in the body that does not occur due to regular physical exercise?

A) Increase in the size of the heart.

B) Increase in the abdominal size.

C) Increase in the blood cells.

D) Increase in the number of capillaries.

Answer: B

66 . Which of the following helps us in realising our true self?

A) Yama

B) Pranayama and Dhyana

C) Asana

D) Pranayama

Answer: B

67 . Which is not considered as an advantage of playing games and sports?

A) Reduces hypertension

B) Helps in preventing of bone and related disorder

C) Improves eye vision

D) Strengthens heart muscles

Answer: C

68 . Health related fitness do not include –

A) Muscular Endurance

B) Cardiovascular fitness

C) Flexibility

D) Balance

Answer: D

69 . What are the factors influencing growth and development in adolescence?

Psychosocial and cultural factors

Biological, Psychosocial, Cultural, Socio economic factors

Heredity and Environment

Economic background of families

Answer: B

70 . Ahinsa is one of the principle of

A) Yama

B) Niyama

C) Pratyahara

D) Asana

Answer: A

71 . Which of the following things should be avoided in case of an emergency?

A) Try to protect an ill or sick person from heat or cold.

B) Try to find out what happened; ask, shout to call the sick person.

C) Caring for the bleeding, it may be serious.

D) Give them something to eat or drink to avoid discomfort due to hunger or thirst.

Answer: D

72 . What are the four main steps that always need to be followed in emergency situations?

A) Safe, Evaluate, Self heal, Seek help

B) Evaluate, Seek help, Provide first-aid, Self heal

C) Safe, Evaluate, Provide first-aid, Seek help

D) Seek help, Safe, Evaluate, Provide first-aid

Answer: C

73 . ……………. is a relatively new media platform that has revolutionized our worlds.

A) Social Media

B) Internet

C) Social Media Marketing Platform

D) Display Marketing platform

Answer: B

74 . “The first aid for Teachers and Students” was developed by?

A) New Delhi Municipal Corporation

B) Ministry of health and family welfare

C) National health authority

D) National Disaster Management Authority

Answer: D

75 . How much of physical activity must one do apart from Yoga to stay fit everyday?

A) 60-80 minutes

B) 30-45 minutes

C) 20-30 minutes

D) 60-120 minutes

Answer: C

76 . What are various modes of transmission of communicable diseases?

A) Droplet infection

B) Direct transmission, Droplet infection, Contact with soil

C) Contact with soil.

D) Direct transmission, Indirect transmission

Answer: B

77 . How can good care of children’s overall health be ensured?

A) Personal hygiene and sanitation, eat healthy, get good sleep.

B) Practice hand washing and cover their mouth.

C) Taking adequate diet, personal hygiene and sanitation.

D) Practice hand washing, cover mouth and nose while sneezing, eat healthy, get good sleep & rest.

Answer: D

76 . What measures can be taken by a person to remain in good health?

A) Taking a safe and healthy balanced diet.

B) Having good eating habits along with a healthy balanced diet.

C) Taking a balanced diet and maintaining good eating habits, personal & food hygiene and sanitation around us.

D) Maintaining personal & food hygiene and sanitation.

Answer: C

77 . Art at the centre of curriculum helps in _ concepts.

A) Memorizing

B) Clarifying

C) Complicating

D) Confusing

Ans: B

78 . Which of the following is mandatory for implementing Art Integrated Learning?

A) Quality art materials and equipment

B) A dedicated art room

C) Professional artists

D) Capacity building of a teacher on Art Integrated Learning Pedagogy

Answer: D

79 . Which of the following does not come under performing art?

A) Instrumental Music

B) Sculpting

C) Puppetry

D) Dance

Answer: B

80 . Which of the following is not fulfilled by art integrated learning?

A) Students are introduced to different media and techniques

B) Creativity and critical thinking are promoted

C) Students become experts in all the art forms

D) Opportunities to understand local and folk art forms are given

Answer: C

81 . Which of the following statements is not correct?

A) ‘AIL provides equal space and opportunity to every student irrespective of their learning abilities’

B) ‘AIL makes the learning process teacher centric for better end results’

C) ‘While working as a team in art activities, children do engage with each other without thinking of any barriers.’

D) ‘AIL pedagogy focuses on the process and not on the end product.’

Answer: B

82 . ‘AIL is a cross-curricular pedagogical approach, where learners get adequate space and scope for free expression.”

A) No, it is false

B) True, AIL is a cross- curricular pedagogical approach

C) In few situations only

D) In some subjects

Answer: B

83 . Does AIL promote exposure to the local heritage?

A) Not at all

B) Only in certain subjects

C) Yes, it always does

D) Only in selected situations

Answer: C

84 . What is art integrated learning?

A) Integrating art with other subjects in the curriculum

B) A subject in itself

C) Promotes music as a subject

D) Promotes fine arts as a subject

Answer: A

85 . Children With Special Needs (CWSN) can be engaged better in learning through;

A) Reading aloud

B) Art experiences

C) Written practice

D) Memorization of the content

Answer: B

86 . Art integrated learning does not promote:

A) Accurate memorization of content

B) Competency based learning

C) Interdisciplinary connections

D) Experiential learning

Answer: A

87 . Which of the following is an unconventional way of obtaining colours in folk visual arts?

A) Herbal colours

B) Sindoor

C) Red and yellow earth

D) Crayons

Answer: D

88 . Which of the following statements is true?

A) Art can be integrated using materials commonly available around us.

B) Art integrated learning is a costly and time consuming approach.

C) Art integration requires teachers to have special art expertise.

D) Art integration is not possible for subjects.

Answer: A

E) Which two principles are considered as the universal codes of conduct?

A) Dharana, dhyana

B) Yama and Niyama

C) Pranayama, and bandha

D) Pratyahara, asana

Answer: B

89 . Which one is a Cardiovascular disease?

A) Sickle cell Anaemia

B) Marfan Syndrome

C) Carcinoid Syndrome

D) Cystic fibrosis

Answer: B

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