GK on Bhagadatta

  1. Bhagadatta was said to be the king of Pragjyotisha. He was the king of Yavana and mlecchas. He was also described as friend of Indra.   2. Bhagadatta was the son of Narakasura, king of the Pragjyotisha Kingdom and second in line of kings of Naraka dynasty.   3. Vajradatta and Pushpadatta were

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1. What is the full form of ISRO? Ans – ISRO Stands for Indian Space Research Organisation. 2. Who is considered as the “founding father” of Indian Space Programme? Ans – Dr Vikram A Sarabhai is considered as the founding father of space programmes in India. 3. When was ISRO formed? Ans – ISRO was

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1. Right to Information Act was passed on ? Ans: 15 June,2005 2. Right to Information Act came into force on ? Ans: 12 October, 2005 3. Which act was replaced by RTI Act ? Ans:The Freedom of Information Act, 2002. 4. The Right to Information is associated with which fundamental right ? Ans: Freedom

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Current Affairs & GK on CSIR | Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

1. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Science and Technology. 2. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research was established in 26,September 1942. 3. Aim of CSIR is to promote scientific knowledge and boost industrialization and economic growth.   4. It is now one of the

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