5 Best Text Summarizing Tool To Make A Brief Summary of Lengthy Text

The deadline for your project or article is coming up in a matter of hours or days; yet, you are unsure of how to give a summary of your long lengthy content. Summarizing a long text is a difficult task, especially for beginners.

It is possible to summarize any part of the text or complete information using a summarizing tool. It ensures summarization without having to copy and paste the precise words and phrases.

In this post, I’ll tell you about the top five best text summarizing tools you may use to create a concise summary of a lengthy piece of information.

To begin started, you may choose from any of the finest summarizing tools available without plagiarizing. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Text Summarizing Tools

There are many tools available online that may help you summarize a text, a paragraph, or even an entire essay. We’ll go through a few of them below, including some that enable you to choose the percent of resemblance and the length of the text you’ll get.

If you’ve to summarize an article or paragraph in your own words, one of these summary generators may be very helpful in obtaining results quickly. Their user-friendly design and accurate algorithms play a significant part in the creation of the executive summary.


Text summarize tool by is a user-friendly article summarizer with a variety of configuration options. Using the Threshold function, you may restrict the number of phrases included in the summary depending on their importance, or you can shorten the summary to a particular length. You may also view the most critical keywords and highlight them in the text from this section. Alternatively, you may provide it with a URL to summarize, and the program will function with that as well. Additionally, there are many additional helpful tools.

best text summarizing tools


This article, Summarizer, is a straightforward summary generator that can use for both academic and professional purposes. The program is entirely free, and there is no need to register. You may, however, get sidetracked by a slew of advertisements around the instrument.

The software is straightforward, and to rewrite a text, all you have to do is enter it or paste it into the app and click the “Summarize Article” option. Try to summarize only well-structured texts to get better outcomes. No files can be imported or exported from the program, and the summary cannot be exported to any common format.

Additionally, this website offers a plethora of helpful tools and applications that may prove to be beneficial to all students.

best text summarizing tools


It is one of the best text summarization tools available online. It has no character restrictions, does not need registration, and provides an ad-free experience for users.

It scrapes the header and body of the document and pre-processes it using the Porter-Stemmer algorithm to remove stemming and stop words. Once you have done so, the program will provide you with a list of sentences to serve as the foundation for your summary.

It allows you to convert long articles into digestible summaries for any material, including news stories. When you summarize only well-structured content, the software performs at its best.

best text summarizing tools


Using this tool, you may create accurate summaries of texts, enabling you to quickly sift through papers by central themes, find significant facts and ideas, and understand articles in a timelier manner. By simply downloading and installing the extension on their browsers or by copying and pasting the content they want to summarize, users may have lengthy articles summarized in as few as 500 characters.

This text tool may be used by anybody, including students and teachers, to understand texts rapidly. It can also be used by journalists to simplify material that highlights important events and filter information from press releases, among other things.

best text summarizing tools


This online tool makes it easy for everyone to utilize by keeping things clean and straightforward. However, unlike many other summarizing programs, it allows you to copy and paste the URL of an internet article into it, which will scan the page and break down the content into as many sentences as you choose.

This one requires you to manually put text into it, after which you can choose the number of sentences you want it to be condensed to and press the button. According to our tests, it produces attractive and functional summaries, which more than compensates for the lack of functionality.

best text summarizing tools

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a student or a researcher, it’s critical to understand how to summarize your work effectively. With any of these summarizing tools, you can be certain that you will get an overview of the key ideas from a short or long-form piece of material without having to depend on the author’s language to create your arguments.

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