Best PDF Merger for Students: The Best PDF Combiner for Students

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A PDF is platform-independent, making it a reliable format to share files. It is easy to view, download, and share a PDF file. Merging two or more PDF files into one is a difficult job.

This format gives the advantage of keeping all the text, images, links, and formatting the same. But it provides only a few editing options. is a web-based tool that allows students to merge PDF files for free. Since a PDF file is small and easily downloadable, it is convenient to join PDF and share it. will allow you to save time and effort as no additional software is required. This article will teach you how to join PDF files using most simply.

Importance of

PDF is the most used format to share files as it is compatible with almost all operating systems and devices. Other formats have some limitations, so PDF is the best choice for all users, especially students. Other formats are reliable for either text or images.

A PDF retains the exact format and resolution of text and images. While sharing, it keeps the fonts and layout of the text in the same way. The image resolution and placement are not changed while downloading or sharing.

But with the advanced technology, editing, merging, or splitting PDF files is easier. It is quite essential to know how to combine multiple PDF files. We have discussed some key benefits of joining PDFs.

  • Related PDFs can be joined to manage them easily.
  • By merging, students can add a table of contents, bookmarks, or annotations.
  • Storage space is saved by joining related files.
  • Combining multiple datasets, figures and graphs into one file for uploading easily.
  • It becomes easier to access, organize, and sort files.
  • Reviewing and sharing files becomes efficient and reliable.
  • Merging two PDFs will allow the students to save links and bookmarks in the same order.

How is Useful for Students

Merging files is an important task for students. is a best PDF combiner tool that merge PDF for free. This web-based tool can join multiple PDFs in a snap. This easy-to-use tool is reliable and quick.

Users can drag the files to choose a specific order of the files while joining.

Students can join all the relevant research files to organize and save storage space. helps add notes or other information to the file.

Students can use it to join research papers to get help with their thesis. Or they can add visuals or graphs to their assignments without changing their formatting. Organizing, retrieving, storing, and sharing files will become effortless.

Features of

Merge PDF is a web-based tool that has multiple features. It is compatible with all systems and devices. Other than its compatibility, it has the following features.

1. Reliable Tool provides reliable output without compromising on originality. It can join an unlimited number of files while keeping the actual formatting of the documents. It provides fast results without any sign-up. Students can quickly download and share the files.

2. Multiple Language Support

This tool supports multiple languages, which makes it accessible to a wider audience. Users from different regions can easily use this tool to join PDF files. It has significance for students enrolled in language classes.

3. Input through URL

Multiple uploading options provide ease in the workflow. This PDF combiner allows a user to upload files directly from the computer’s memory. Or directly add a file using the URL. Uploading through a link allows the user to upload files easily.

4. File Arrangement

Fixing the order of the files gives students a great advantage. Most online PDF joiners combine the files in the same order as it was uploaded. The first uploaded file is kept at the top, the second after the first one, and so on. has a feature that lets users arrange the files in a specific order by dragging.

5. Free to Use Tool is significant for students because of its cost-effectiveness. It is a completely free-to-use tool. It provides all the features and functions without charging anything. There are no file limits, so students can merge as many files as they want to.

6. Merge PDF on Mobile is compatible with all types of devices. Students can access it from a desktop as well as a mobile phone. It can be used on any operating system: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. provides easy and reliable access while saving time.

7. Privacy & Security

It is a web-based tool. After the merged file is downloaded, all the files are deleted. does not require the users to create an account. So, it does not save the user’s document. So, files are kept confidential; third parties cannot access them.

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of using, are as follows.


  • There is no file limit. Students can join as many PDFs as they want to.
  • is compatible with all devices.
  • It has easy uploading and downloading options.
  • This tool can be accessed in many languages.
  • It can merge files just by adding their URL.
  • Users’ files are not saved by the tool; it is secure.
  • It can be used for merging files in multiple languages.


  • It can only merge PDF files. Other formats are not supported as this tool is designed for PDF only.
  • No dark mode is available.

How to Use

Using is simple and easy. Everybody can use it without any tech knowledge. Here is a simple tutorial for using this web-based tool.

Step 1: Type ‘” in your search engine.

Step 2: Upload PDF files from the desktop’s local memory or Google Drive.

Best PDF Merger for Students:

Step 3: Arrange the files in a specific order by dragging them accordingly.

Step 4: Click on the “Merge PDFs” button. It will just take a few moments to join all the files.

Best PDF Merger for Students:

Step 5: Download the combined PDF file.

Best PDF Merger for Students:

The layout and selected order will remain the same in the downloaded file. It will not change the formatting of text or images.

Other Tools by

There are some integrated tools in the These tools are useful for students. These tools can convert any file format into PDF. These tools are:

  • Word to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • Image to PDF
  • HEIC to PDF

Best PDF Merger for Students:

Wrap Up

Students must learn to utilize their time in productive tasks. Merging PDFs with software is a difficult and time-consuming task. So, can be of great help to students. It is a free, accessible, easy, and reliable tool to merge PDF. It can merge many PDF files in one go, which allows effective sharing and organizing.


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