Online English grammar checking tools – The amazing facts of essay writing!

Essay writing is not an easy job. But you have to learn it because it will be a major part of your academic life. Throughout your school life, you would be required to write essays on different topics. The more you advance in your classes, the more complex essay writing becomes for you. 

Experts recommend that you know the important and amazing facts about essay writing and the best tools to help you in effective essay creation.

Amazing facts about essay writing!

Essay writing is the type of writing where you have to express yourself on a specific topic. The writing material should be filled with entertaining and informative facts, statements, and personal explanations. You can also give your analysis on the subject. 

Now the basic format in essay writing is to create five passages. The first one is the introduction, and the next three are the body of the essay where you have to express and explain the topic, and the last is the conclusion. This is the complete definition of an essay. 

Essay writing depends on a specific mechanism. Below we have listed out the steps that you have to follow in essay writing.

  • First, select the topic on which you want to write an essay.
  • Make a thorough research on the topic. Be creative!
  • Write down key points that you want to discuss.
  • Set a proper outline for the content body.
  • Write the content body before the introduction.
  • Write the intro of the essay.
  • Finish it with a concise conclusion.
  • Proofread the essay from the first to the last word.
  • Make editions and modifications.

If you follow these steps, then you can create an essay like a pro. Now the main problem faced by students/writers is proofreading. Manual proofreading is ineffective, and you can still have hundreds of mistakes in your essay after checking. 

To combat this issue, you need to use the online grammar checker and proofreading tools.

Online Grammar checking tools for proofreading essays!

Out of hundreds of grammar checker tools indexed on Google, we have handpicked the most effective and helpful ones. 

Grammar Check –

The grammar checker tool by the is a fine utility. This punctuation checker can find all kinds of human mistakes in your content, including spelling errors, punctuation, grammatical mistakes, wrongful use of the English language, and much more. The working process of this English grammar checker online tool is quite simple. You must copy and paste the essay into the tool and press the ‘check grammar’ button. In seconds, the tool would scan your essay and present you with all possible mistakes. You can remove and fix your English language mistakes quite easily with this online sentence correction tool. 


Grammarly is another popular resource that you would see being used across the globe. We would like you to know that Grammarly is a premium choice for essay writers and content writers living in every part of the world. This is just because of the reliable services of the tool. You can paste your essay into the tool and check it for all kinds of human errors. Grammarly doesn’t only check and find mistakes in your essay, but it also provides you with alternate solutions for the errors. With this online sentence correction tool, you can make your content clear, concise, engaging, and of very high quality.

Pro Writing Aid

This is another online grammar checker tool that is best for checking content written in the English language. You cannot only check human mistakes with this grammar checker, but you can also check the writing style. This proofreading tool is considered to be best for enhancing the quality of your essays. It can optimize your work for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, writing style, choice of words, and even the structure of sentences. You can use pro writing aid online or integrate it with online tools like Google docs. 

White Smoke

White smoke is another grammar checker cum proofreading program that can help students improve their essays’ quality. White smoke can check spelling mistakes, grammar errors, wrong use of words, punctuation, and even plagiarism. You can correct all the errors in your content for free with this tool. The best thing about this tool is that it also provides you with an online translator with the help of which you can transform your essay into more than fifty languages. You can use this friendly tool online on any device you want.


Ginger is a web-based software that works as a grammar checker and spell checker. This is a very basic tool and is best for users who want a free and fast resource for checking and improving their work for mistakes. Many features of Ginger make it a reliable resource. Some of the features include text reading, paraphrasing, built-in dictionary, translator, and personal trainer. With the help of Ginger, you can learn the right use of the English language and improve your essay writing skills!

These are some of the best English grammar checker tools that can help you improve your essay writing without any foreign help!

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