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The most powerful thesis proofreading online tools for students

Writing a thesis is a tremendous job that requires a lot of time and effort from the applicant. The finalizing of the text can take many days, since high requirements are imposed on scientific work regarding uniqueness.

What is a thesis anti-plagiarism checker?

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Plagiarism check is a must for any scientific work. Its purpose is to identify borrowings from already published works, as well as the appropriation of other people’s research results.

One of the most difficult tasks is to make the text unique for anti-plagiarism. Since, when working on a thesis, a graduate student is obliged to consider and mention the works of reputable scientists.

The bibliographic list can include up to 600 literary sources, including author’s articles and monographs. At the same time, the uniqueness of the essay should not be lower than 85-90 percent, taking into account citations, borrowed phrases and fixed expressions.

The anti-plagiarism program often detects such fragments of text, considering them non-unique. This situation is common and can even affect those works that are 100 percent copyright. In this regard, the question arises: how to perform a candidate plagiarism custom check in order to get reliable results?

Where to check the thesis – choosing an anti-plagiarism program and proofreading

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Now there are no uniform requirements for checking thesis papers for uniqueness using certain resources. A graduate student can independently choose an online program or use a paid service that detects plagiarism.

TOP 5 popular services for checking for the uniqueness The anti-plagiarism program can be downloaded for free and carried out a quick, deep check, as well as detect rewrites. The disadvantages of this service include the need to manually enter complex captchas, which is very time-consuming and requires the constant presence of the author. 

Copyscape. The main functions of the free version of this service are to check the uniqueness of the text and the degree of mutual uniqueness of the studied texts with each other. Purchasing the paid Premium version expands the functionality to check 10,000 A4 pages in automatic mode.

Contentyoda. The service provides its assistance on a paid basis only and is available in six foreign languages. In addition to checking the originality of the thesis text, it determines the degree of readability, relevance, wateriness and overspam.

Monster Antiplagiat Pro. The user can check the text of the thesis research only after the mandatory registration procedure. In the free version, five texts up to 10,000 characters are checked daily, the rest of the attempts are paid but cheap at cost.

Plagiarisma. The main advantages of this service is that it is a proofreader of the text for similarity with each other and determining their percentage of originality. A quick check is available only after registering on the site. The free version has no restrictions on the number of characters, but sometimes users are offered to take part in a special referral program.

Any of these programs can be used as anti-plagiarism checkers for a college thesis. After some improvements, it is possible to achieve a high percentage of uniqueness, but such work with the text is not enough for the examining committee to approve it.

Oftentimes, applicants have no more than 1-2 months to prepare for defense of a thesis, and many days of work with anti-plagiarism is a waste of time. In such a situation, the help of a professional who is familiar with the intricacies of writing theses and other custom papers is needed. and offer their services to undergraduates, candidates and doctors of science who wish to provide the certification commission with a high percentage of unique work. 

There are plenty of employees on their staff. Editing and proofreading are carried out by scientists with a higher philological education, who are familiar with the rules and subtleties of text optimization. This ensures the required percentage of uniqueness when checking against plagiarism and obtaining a report on absence of text borrowing and plagiarism in the thesis. When working with the text, the unique author’s syllable and content are preserved, which guarantees a high assessment of the thesis by the attestation commission. 

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