Lesson Plan of English Grammar for B.Ed

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Lesson Plan of English Grammar for B.Ed


Name of the School..  
 Number of students…….
Average age of students… 
Subject- English Grammar
Topic-Simple Present Tense/ Present Indefinite Tense
Text Book- English Grammar, Composition and Usage
Author-J.C. Nesfield
Name of the teacher: 
Roll No…

B. General Objectives

  • To enable the pupils to understand, to speak, to read and to write correct English.
  • To create and develop a sense of refinement, delicacy, literary taste and imagination.

C. Teaching Aids- A grammar book and other usual classroom apparatus.

D. Introduction

S T E PPrevious KnowledgeTeacher’s Activities Pupils’ Activities






Pupils have already learnt what a tense is.



Entering the classroom with a smiling face, the teacher will arrange the class first
and then asks the following questions to the pupils in order to test their previous
knowledge1. When do you get up?



2. What do you do then?

3. When do you go for school?

4. In which tense my question is going on?


 Students will be attentive and try to answer the questions given by the teacher.




Expected Answers-





1. We get up at six o’clock.

2. We have our bath and Breakfast.

3. We go for school at 8.45 A.M.

4. Problematic.


 Announcement of the Topic




Finding the pupils unable to answer, the teacher will say that his questions are in Simple Present Tense /Present Indefinite Tense and it will be written on the blackboard.




Students write down the topic in their copies.




E. Presentation





Teaching Points




Specific Objectives




Teacher’s ActivitiesPupils’ Activities




Expected Learning Outcome.
















To enable the pupils to know about the Simple Present Tensel Present Indefinite TenseThe teacher will point to his watch and say –



My watch keeps good time.


In the same manner, the teacher will point to a boy in the class and say –


The boy works hard.



Then the teacher will hang a picture of the sun in the classroom and say – The sun rises in the east.



Pupils will listen to the teacher’s words attentively















Drill Practice





To create interest and curiosity in the minds of students regarding th Simple Present Tense.




After this, the teacher will write the following sentences on the blackboard and asks the students to read them aloud-




1. I get up at 5 o’clock.

2. We play in the afternoon.

3. Boys play football.

4. The child goes to school.

5. She sings a song.

6. They come to school everyday.

7. You swim in the tank.

8. It rains in summer.



Students will follow the teacherKnowledge

















To enable the students to learn the uses of Simple Present Tense.




 The teacher will explain the uses of Simple Present Tense to the students elaborately and in a simple manner




The pupils will listen attentively.Under standing




 (i) A universal Or  general truth





 By way of explaining he will give some more examples




1. The earth is round.

2. Honesty is the best policy.


Pupils will listen carefully.











(ii) A habitual or permanent action




3. He takes exercise everyday in the morning.



4. He runs fast.








  (iii) A future action 5. The school closes on the 15th of this month.



6. Alexander now rushes upon the enemy.



Students will follow the teacher and writw down the examples in their copies






 RulesTo enable the students to know the rules of the Simple Present Tense




The teacher will give the rules of Simple Present Tense to the students as follows and asks them to write down in their copies-




(1) With I, you,we, they and a plural subject, the base form of the verb is used.

(ii)With he, she, it and a singular subject s or es is added to the base form of the verb.



Students will writw down the rules in their copies




 Substitution Table




To enable the students to trame more and more sentences from the Substitution Table




The teacher will provide the students the Substitution Table as given below and asks them to frame sentencesStudents note downSkill 

STEP Teacher’s Activity




Pupil’s Activity















To sum up the day’s lesson, the teaching points will be briefly enumerated and then the teacher will test the pupils with the following questions orally—-




Q. Put the verbs of the brackets in the Simple Present Tense


1. He (sleep)

2. He (read) a book. 3. Earth (be) round.


The teacher gives the following question as homework of the students—

Q. Write ten sentences in the Simple Present


Students will be able to answer the questions.







Students write down the question in their copies.



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