Case Study of a Child with Learning Difficulties

Case Study of a Child with Learning Difficulties

Are you looking for a Case study of a child with learning difficulties? In this article, you will get a Case study of a child with learning difficulties.

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Case Study of a Child with Learning Difficulties


A case study is a research strategy and an empirical inquiry that investigates a phenomenon within its real-life context. Case studies are based on an in-depth investigation of a single individual, group or event to explore the causes of underlying principles.

A case study is a descriptive and exploratory analysis of a person, group or event. A case study research can be single or multiple case studies, includes quantitative evidence, relies on multiple sources of evidence and benefits from the prior development of theoretical propositions.

Case studies are analysis of persons, groups, events, decisions, periods, policies, institutions or other systems that are studied holistically by one or more methods.


  1. Intensive Study – The case study method is responsible for the intensive study of a unit. It is the investigation and exploration of an event thoroughly and deeply.
  2. No Sampling – It studies a social unit in its entire perspective. It means there is no sampling in the case study method.
  3. Continuous Analysis – It is valuable in analyzing continuously the life of a social unit to dig out the facts.
  4. Comparisons – It compares different types of facts about the study of unity.
  5. Increase in Knowledge- It gives the analytical power of a person to increase knowledge about a social phenomenon.
  6. Generalization of Data –The case study method provides grounds for the generalization of data for illustrating statistical findings.
  7. Comprehensive. It is a comprehensive method of data collection in social research.
  8. Locate Deviant Cases – The deviant cases are these units that behave against the proposed hypothesis. So, it locates these deviant cases. The tendency is to ignore them but is important for scientific study.
  9.  Farming Questionnaire or Schedule – Through the case study method we can formulate and develop a questionnaire and schedule.

Statement of the problem

Through different activity, a child shows his/her behaviour traits. That behavior may be socially acceptable or maybe not. Due to different reasons most of the time a child is identified as having learning difficulties. This is the problem I had encountered in ABC school during my internship. The student was a 15 years old of boy, who have learning difficulties and hyperactive in nature.

Objectives of the study

  1. To study the problems of the subject.
  2. To study the subject’s interest, abilities, weakness, family background, health record etc.
  3. To find out the causes of the problem.

Delimitation of the study

  1. The study is limited to ABC High School only.
  2. The study is limited to one sample/subject only.


For this case I have taken two methods. All the information related to subject is

based on those two methods. Those are-

  1. Observation
  2. Interview

Most of the information related to the subject is collected through the interview method. The interview was conducted with the subject, parents and teachers.

Identifying Data

  • Name       : ABC
  • Sex           : Male
  • Father’s Name  : XYZ
  • Address           : PQR
  • Date of birth           : 20.05.2003
  • Name of the school           : MNR High School
  • Class           : X


  • Emotional                   : Maladjustment
  • Social                            : Socially Introvert
  • Education                   : Little Interest in Studies

Birthday Information

  • Place of birth           : ABC
  • The health of the mother at the time of his birth          : Normal
  • The health of the Subject at the time of birth           : Normal
  • Any mishappening at the time of the birth            : No mishap

Health Record

  • General Health Good/Average/Poor   —-              Average
  • Height —- 5 Inch
  • Weight—– 50 kg
  • Eyesight    (Normal/Defective)      —–      Normal
  • Power of Hearing (Normal/Defective)    —-             Normal
  • Power of Conversation (Normal/Defective) —-             Defective
  • Condition of Teeth (Normal/Defective)   —-           Defective
  • Condition of Throat (Normal/Defective)   —-          Defective
  • Does the subject Perform Daily exercise for health  (Yes/No)  —–    No

Family Data

Tell, if

  1. Father is alive or dead ——     Alive
  2. Mother is alive or dead —— Alive
  3. If both alive, do they live together/live separately/divorced    ——–Live Together
  4. Education of the father—— H.S.L.C. Pass
  5. Occupation ——-        Farmer
  6. Education of the Mother—— H.S. Pass
  7. Number of real brothers with their age—— Two (11 and 9 years)
  8. Number of real sister with their age—- One (14 years)
  9. Total Members in the Family —-Four
  10. Joint Family  (Yes/No)—-      No
  11. The birth order of the Subject (First Second/Fourth etc.)  —– First
  12. Has the subject been brought up in the family  (Yes/No)   —-Yes
  13. Does the subject get proper love and affection from his parents?       Yes/No —-      No
  14. Does the subject get proper recreational facilities at home?          Yes/No     —–No
  15. Does the subject get proper education?  Yes/No  —–Yes
  16. Do the parents meet all the basic needs of the subject?    Yes/No —-          His psychological needs are not satisfied
  17. Do the parents provide due encouragement to the subject? Yes/No  —–         No
  18. Is the relationships between father and mother quite satisfactory?         Yes/No    ——    No
  19. Is the relationships between the subject and parents quite satisfactory?     Yes/No  ——     No
  20. Most with members of the family                      Yes/No     —–            No
  21. His attitude towards siblings               Positive/Negative  —-          Negative
  22. The attitude of siblings towards the subject ?Positive/Negative     ——       Negative
  23. The discipline in the home ? Strict/Loose ——- Loose

Socio-Economic Status

  1. The total monthly income of the family  —- More than 10,000
  2. The source of the income — Agriculture
  3. Does the family own a house? Yes/No   —   No
  4. The source of entertainment within the environment? Radio/ Television/Magazines  —       Magazines
  5. The surroundings where family is residing ?Lonely/Crowdy      —— Not so crowdy
  6. The type of society in which the family reside : High/Middle/Low     —— Middle
  7. The status of the family in the society ?  High/Middle/Low    ——-  Middle

Level of Intelligence

  • The opinion of the teachers     —–                    Average intelligence
  • The opinion of the parents   —-                        Below average

Level of creativity

  • The opinion of the teachers               —-        Creative
  • The opinion of the parents       —–                  No creative

Educational Record-

Academic Achievement-

Subjects Class VII
Year 2017
General Science
Social Sciences
The Position in the Class53rd position
  1. The subjects he likes most ——English and Art
  2. The subjects he does not like —– Maths and Science
  3. The relationship with the teachers—- Not satisfactory
  4. The relationship with the friends—- Not satisfactory
  5. The opinion of the teacher about the subject   —    Unsocial
  6. The status of his attendance in the school        —-   Unsatisfactory
  7. Has he ever failed in the school examination   ——-   He has passed IX class  with the grace marks
  8. If yes, the name of the subject in which you failed —–     Mathematics

Areas of Interests-

Co-Curricular Activities

The name of the activityParticipated or not participatedThe distinction if achieved
a)     Games and sportsParticipated            ——
b)    MusicNot participated            ——
c)     On the spot paintingParticipated      Won 1st prize
d)    DebateNot Participated            ——
e)     LiteraryParticipated        Won 2nd prize
f)      N.C.C.Not Participated            ——
  1. What type of book does he want to read? ——-Detective Novels
  2. His specific interest:  ——-                  Painting
  3. Reading novels and film magazines —–Not Interested
  4. Movies——- Interested
  5. Favorite Movie—–Action Movie
  6. Having friendship with girls and teasing them —— Not Interested


Home adjustment-

  • Does the subject feel that his parents are disappointed with him?   Yes/No —-   Yes
  • Does the subject enjoy the family environment?    Yes/ No   —– No

Emotional adjustment-

  • Does the subject feel difficulty in talking to strangers?    Yes/No —–    Yes
  • Does the subject usually remain anxious?   Yes/No  —- Yes

Social adjustment

  • Does the subject make friendship easily with others?  Yes/No —–   No
  • Does he take interest in social work? Yes/No  —–  No

Behaviour in the classroom

  • Does the subject demonsrate a socially responsive behavior on the playground?         Yes/No ——   No
  • Does the subject remain aggressive and assertive on the playground?      Yes/No  —–   Yes

Behaviour in the class: Fighting with classmate, rapid movement.


  • Does the subject demonstrate a socially responsive behavior on the playground?    Yes/No  —     No
  •  Does the subject remain aggressive and assertive on the playground?  Yes/No   —–   Yes


Traits High level Middle level Low level
Self confidence   


What Subject prefers to study after class X?

  • First choice – Commerce
  • Second choice- Arts
  • Third choice – Science

What profession or occupation would the subject prefer to enter after his studies?

  • First choice – Business
  • Second choice …………


Case Study aims at collecting the data regarding the Physical, Psychological and Educational development of a student over a period of time.

It shows the trends of development of abilities and interests, if case study is of real value, the data should be accurate and should be based on concrete observation and objective testing.

In order to get the required data the teacher should watch the students closely at work and at play at school and outside, and meet his parents, friends and others who can give his correct picture.

In this diary I have observed the subject in different time of school hour. Here the subject was observed on those aspects, where interview is not needed. On the basis of which I have prepared a dairy where I have included the behaviour of subject different situation. I have also included the behaviour of subject towards parents when they came to PTM.

Case Study of a Child with Learning Difficulties
Case Study of a Child with Learning Difficulties


All the data about the subject were collected through participative, non-participative observation and interview method. All the collected data were analyzed on the basis of previously planned objectives.

Objective No 1. To study the problem of the subject.

For this objective, I have observed the subject in different situations and interview with the teacher. Through observation, I have found that in the classroom the subject is not showing any interest to study, tends to stand up without asking him to stand. Aggressive with everyone. Most of the time involved in fights and broke things.

At that time of interview it was too difficult to get the answer from the subject. I have to ask one question more than two times with a very low tone. Because the subject does not like it when someone talk to him aggressively.

After continuously asking and showing positive attitude towards him he said that he don’t like to involve with people as they make fun of him.

Objective No 2. To study the subject’s interest, abilities, weakness, family background, health record etc.

Through observation and interview with the subject, I have found that interest & abilities He is interested to play football. But due to aggressive behavior he never played in a team.

Family background-

The subject’s home condition is kind not so good. The family is nuclear with 7 members. His father is a shopkeeper and his mother is a housewife. His real mother has died when he is 4 years old.

He has 1 brother, who left study without completing it, one sister is studying in class X and he has two half-siblings one is studying in class II and one is yet to go to school. As the number of a family members is 7 the father is unable to fulfill their all needs. His father is the only source of income.

Educational Record-

His educational record is poor. He often performs poorly in most of the subjects.

Social and Emotional Adjustment-

He has problems in social adjustment. He behaves rudely with most of the people.

Objective No 3. To find out the causes of the problem-

Through interviews with the subject, teacher and family member I have found that the problem of the subject started when he was at primary school.  As some of the students used to bully him for not having a mother.

When the subject tried to give answers to those bullies he always got beaten up. After those situations, he became very aggressive and pick fights with everyone. He is also not getting proper love and affection from his parents.


Suggestions for the teachers

  1. The teacher should make sure that classroom environment is co-operative.
  2. Teacher should not make fun of students regarding anything.
  3. He should be provided individual attention regarding studies.
  4. Emotional support should be provided by the teacher.
  5. School can also introduce games like boxing, karate so that student like him can sublimate his action.
  6. School can invite different counselling experts, so that students like him could be guided with proper counselling.
  7. He should be given regular remedial classes.

Suggestions for the family members

  1. Every family member should provide proper emotional support to the students.
  2. Before giving him punishment regarding his action, his reasons should be asked.
  3. He should be admitted in different games like- karate, boxing etc. so that the subject can sublimate his aggression.


Learning difficulties among students is not new. Parents, teachers all should be very conscious regarding this problem. So that sums up our Case study of a child with learning difficulties. Hope you like it.

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