5 Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2024- Reviews

Are you looking for the best geyser for hard water in India? In this article, we will break down the top 7 best geysers for hard water in India.

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Best Geyser for Hard Water in India-

1 . AO Smith SDS-Green-015 Vertical Storage Geyser

AO Smith SDS-Green-015 Vertical Storage Geyser


Starting off at number 1 we have the AO Smith SDS-Green-015 Vertical Storage Geyser.  AO Smith is an American manufacturer, super popular for household and commercial water heaters. This leading U.S water heater company has taken the Indian market by storm with this stylish and compact 15-liter geyser.

It features a compact design and PUF-injection technology and comes with a long-lasting anode rod.

The water heater from AO Smith is a 5-star energy-efficient unit with a maximum capacity of 15 liters: making it suitable to use by bigger families.

This water heater comes with a Blue Diamond glass-lined inner tank and an anti-corrosive ABS outer body.

The tank has an anode rod which has a stainless steel core that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements.

The water heater is best suitable for Indian water conditions as the municipal water supply in most areas is hard water.

It has a glass-coated fold back heating element, in the shape of the tank, thus ensuring even and continuous heating.

The maintenance cost of the geyser is extremely low as it is rust-proof. The warm water can be stored for up to 12 hours. It is easy to install.

It has a thermostat that helps to set the hot water temperature and becomes non-operation when the desired temperature is obtained.

The water heater can work well in high-rise buildings as well with 8 bar water pressure.

The AO Smith geyser has a multi-functional safety valve that relieves any excess pressure in the appliance.

It is also recommended for people living in high-rise buildings or apartments, as it can take up water pressure to 8 bars.


  • Customizable temperature setting and thermal cutout
  • Blue diamond glass lining
  • High protection from hard water because of glass coating
  • 7 years warranty
  • Corrosion resistance technology prevents the geyser from damage


  • Bit noisy while heating water

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2 . Bajaj New Shakti 25 Litre Storage Vertical Water Heater

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India


Bajaj is an Indian company that makes water heaters that are available in varying sizes. This make-in-India product comes with some impressive features designed to tackle the hardness of municipal water.

The Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater is equipped with a 2 KW Heating Element and offers a capacity of 15 liters.

The inner tank is made up of mild steel with glass linked coating which is useful for hard water types as well.

This geyser has a glass-lined coated with Titanium Armour technology inner tank that prevents rust and corrosion.

This stylish water heater is equipped with Swirl Flow Technology that ensures 20% faster heating of water and its 4-star energy ratings makes it energy efficient at the same time.

The PUF insulation keeps the water bath-ready by keeping water hot in the absence of electricity, or during power outages.

The three-pin fire retardant cable extension is an added bonus to this energy-efficient heater.

Its small size, modern design, and comfortable weight make it an ideal fit for your bathroom.


  • The 4-star BEE ratings make it an energy-efficient model
  • Heat retention with PUF insulation
  • Fire retardant cable extension
  • Mild steel inner tank with glass coating for durability.
  • High pressure withstanding capacity


  • Pipes and miscellaneous installation accessories do not come with the package.

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3 . Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Litre Storage Water Heater

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India


Crompton Amica ASWH is a reliable geyser that you can count on.

It is equipped with a strong copper heating material which heats up the water quicker. Its powerful heating element heats the water up to 45°C in just 10 minutes.

It is also incredibly safe because in the event of voltage fluctuation or sudden power cut off it offers three-level security to keep you protected.

This five-star rated energy-efficient water heater has a high-quality PUF foam that maintains hot water for a long time by reducing energy. This process helps you save a considerable amount on electricity bills.

Another feature that shines right through is the nano-lined inner tank that saves the geyser from rusting over time.

The tank is covered with the best rust-free ABS body for longer shelf life.

In addition, this appliance can be used in high-rise buildings since it has a pressure bar rating of 8 and therefore can withstand the high pressure of up to 8kg/cm2.


  • Coated tank to prevent corrosion.
  • Retains heat for 6 hours
  • Works with hard water supply
  • equipped with smart energy management
  • Copper heating material


  • Customer service needs improvement

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4 . V-Guard Victo Plus Water Geyser

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India


If you are looking for a low-maintenance geyser for your home, V-Guard should be the brand to look for.

It’s a great choice if your home is near the sea, where the water is hard due to salt and other dissolvable items.  The water heater is energy efficient and has low maintenance once installed.

The cylindrical body of the water heater is made up of high-quality steel and is coated with an anti-corrosive powder that adds to its longevity.

It comes with a four-layered safety system that protects the geyser from overheating and voltage fluctuations.

The sturdy water heater from V-Guard is made from high-quality mild steel on the outside, while the inner tank consists of glass-lined thick gauge steel that provides protection against hard water.

The best thing about this geyser is that its front panel has a knob or dial that helps set the temperature as per your requirement.

Its leaking protection will protect this geyser from leaking making your bathroom not messy and will let you conserve water because of it.

It comes with a digital panel that helps you control the machine, and this seven-segment digital display helps you monitor the temperature in the tank.

This is designed with superior quality steel and anti-corrosive coating elements.


  • Large storage capacity is ideal for the usage of big families
  • Comes with a Digital Display
  • 8-bar pressure setting that makes it suitable in high-rise buildings.
  • Accessory kit included
  • Four layered safety system


  • No accessory kit is included in the package.

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5 . Havells Monza EC5S 15 Litre Geyser

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India


Havells is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in India when it comes to household appliances, especially geysers for hard water.

This Havells Monza water heater is a high-quality geyser that comprises a heavy-duty anode rod for long-lasting performance

Additionally, the inner tank is PUF insulated allowing water to retain heat even after the power supply is cut off.

The unique whirl-flow technology prevents cold and wet water flow from interfering or combining, which not only results in fast heating, but also helps to save energy.

The water heater features Feroglass technology which safeguards from the affects of hard water and supports a single weld line design.

This heater includes a Flexi pipe that has 8 bar working pressure and it is compatible with both hot and cold water.

Its adjustable knob helps in adjusting the temperature between 25 °C to 75 °C.


  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Highly efficient Incoloy heating element and anode rod
  • High quality for durable performance.
  • Comes with PUF Insulation Tanks
  • Features ELCB ( Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)


  • No safety power plug with the package.

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So that sums up the best geyser for hard water in India. Hope you like it.

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