Sample of Internship Report for Student

Sample of Internship Report for Student (B.Ed)

Are you looking for the sample of internship report for student? In this article we will provide sample of internship report for student.

Sample of internship report for student


I ABC, a bona fide student of XYZ University would like to declare that the critical report on school internship, submitted by me in a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of B.ED is my original work done under the guidance and supervision of MNO, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, XYZ University. This work has not been submitted previously for any degree of this or any other University.


For completion of the B.ed Internship Programme, I express my sincere thanks to ……. sir for making us capable to undertake this task. I extent my profound and sincere regard to Mr. …. sir, coordinator of internship programme under whose guidance the whole internship programme was a successful one.

I am highly thankful to my pedagogy teachers Dr.  …. and Mrs…for their constant support and encouragement throughout the internship phrase. I am also thankful to my guide Dr. … ma’am for the internship report for guiding me throughout the preparation of internship report.

I owe my great deal of respect towards the Head teacher of … Middle School, Mr. ….for his support and co-operation in the internship phrase. I also express my sincere thanks to all the teaching staff of …Middle School. I also thank each and every students of class VI and class VIII who has knowingly or unknowingly contributed in development of my skills.

I am also thankful to my peers and the co-interns of … Middle School, who have whole heartedly supported me throughout the internship phrase.

Last but not the least I am thankful to all my family members for their constant support and encouragement. In short, I am thankful to one and all who have knowingly and unknowingly contributed to the completion of this internship programme.


  • B.ed– Bachelor of Education.
  • NCTE– National Council for Teacher Education.
  • NCERT– National Council of Educational Research and Training.
  • SCERT – State Council of Educational Research and Training
  • PPT – Power Point Presentation
  • MCQ – Multiple Choice Question



Internship is one of the major and integral components of any professional course of study. An internship is a short-term experience in which we receive training and can build skills in a specific field or career area.

Internship is the first footprint of the student in the professional career. In the whole phase of internship, the student or a trainee who works in order to gain experience of work is called an intern and the person who guide in the whole phase is called as supervisor.

An Internship is an integral part of B.ED programme. The internship exposure is provided to the students in the 3rd semester. It is provided in the 3rd semester of the 2years B.ed course because by 1st and 2nd semester students almost learn everything needed for successful internship programme to happen.

Internship provides a practical exposure of the theoretical aspects learned in the course and B.ed whatever learned in the 1st two semester. It provides an exposure to taste the bricks and parts of professional life.

All B.ed colleges and the universities running B.ed courses should provide an internship exposure to the student. Internship provides practical exposure to the theoretical aspect studied in the course. It helps in the development of professional ethics and professional competencies within the future teacher.


Every professional course is imbibed with an internship phrase. The 2 years B.ED course in EFG University is also associated with a 4 months internship phrase. The entire internship is divided into three phrases- Pre internship phrase, internship phrase, and post internship phrase.

The pre-internship phrase having the components like- Orientation programmes on different topic to make the student teacher motivated and mentally ready, as well as making them aware of the basis amenities required during internship phrase.

Many other activities like – preparation of lesson plan, analysis of NCERT text book, planning of the activities, practicing micro-lesson plan along with different skills of teaching. Also students were also briefed about the resource room to be prepared and the other activities to be done during internship phrase.

During the internship phrase, all the student teachers were allotted to different schools namely- … M.V School, ..High School, … High School for practicing teaching for 4 months. Before starting the internship interns went to their respective school for School Observation for 1 week.

The interns are expected to deliver 50 lesson plans, 25 for each of the pedagogy i.e. for social science and assamese during these 14 weeks. Besides delivering the lesson plan the interns are also expected to participate in the day to day activities of the assigned school.

The interns also need to reflect on different activities that occur on daily basis in the school and maintain a reflective journal on regular basis, and preparation of resource room accordingly based on different pedagogies. On top of all these, the interns also need to prepare a question paper and conduct an achievement test on the assigned classes and prepare a case study as well on a particular regarding his/her issue or problem (the problem may be positive as well as negative).

Once the internship phrase over, comes the post internship phrase. During this phrase, student teachers are expected to submit their lesson plans to respective supervisors along with other reports- case study report/action research report, achievement test report, reflection writing done during the internship phrase. Along with all these activities the student teacher also need to be engaged with the community for 10 days wherein they will take up an issue and try  to solve it within these 10 days.


The school where I was allotted was ABC Middle School. The school is located near the EFG University campus, Post Office-ABC, District-… ABC M. V. School is a government school and follows SCERT textbooks. The school follows almost all the criteria provide by the government.

The school was established in .. with the help of other members of ABC Village. There are 9 classrooms from class I to class VIII, one separate room of head master and one common room for staff. The school has the capacity to inculcate 168 students.

The school has total staff sanctioned strength of 12. But the ABC M. V. School is not having any 4th grade worker because of which students used to clean the school on a daily basis. The school provides the mid-day-meal for the students and for this two workers are assigned for cooking the meal. The school provides a wide range of opportunity to the students regarding their co-scholastic development.


There were many challenges I as an intern faced during my internship days or period. There were number of challenges few were directly associated with me and few were in an indirect way. Few challenges faced are as follows-

Language problem from student side

As the medium of instruction of the school is Assamese but the students comes from in such a background where their local/mother tongue is totally different from Assamese. This created a challenge for me in initial days of my internship. In class when I asked questioned to them most of them were not responded and they just keep silence. Even when I explained the content in Assamese most of time they did not understand meaning of the word. I had tried to find out the root cause of this situation then I found that they have problem in speaking Assamese perfectly.

It was a challenge for me to teach them. Thus to overcome this challenge I took some steps like- before starting new topic/ content I asked them to read the chapter and find out difficult word that they didn’t understand the meaning. Then I wrote the meaning of those words on the blackboard and asked them to note down. I also bring a Dictionary and taught them how to use dictionary in a easy way. In later days I realized that the challenge was overcome when students were started to response when I interact with them.

Unable to grasp the attention of all students in the class

In class VIII I noticed that there were some girls who didn’t pay attention and create disturbance during teaching and they also tried to disturbed others who pay attention. Thus to tackle this situation I asked more questions to them in between teaching, called them to write on the blackboard and before started teaching I used to tell them that at last I asked two questions randomly among them.

Blackboard writing Problems

Initially I was unable to use the whole part of the blackboard, even my handwriting was not good on there and also when I used it students started talking because I totally covered the blackboard with my body. After two supervisors advised me two improve blackboard writing I started to work on it. At first I discussed with my fellow mates and took suggestions from them. I also observed classes of my fellow mates to know how they used blackboard. After that I tried to use blackboard more in my classes. In this way tackle that problem.

Slow writing of the students

This is one of the major problems I faced during the initial days of my internship. Students especially of class VI were seem very slow in writing. It created problem for my teaching as I wrote many things in the blackboard while I used to highlight the main points.

But students’ laziness in writing took more time because of which I faced challenges regarding completion of my planned content within 40 minutes. When I saw that students don’t have the practice of writing, I used to gave them homework daily and gave them to write dictation whenever I had the opportunity to take extra class with them. Gradually the students were seem improved in writing.

Students not bringing notebooks and copies

As an intern I faced an issue that students do not bring their note books and copies in the school. It create lots of problem, as sometimes the students need to follow the pictures and information given in the book to understand the content in a better and appropriate way.

Moreover they do not bring their note book as well and write the things, notes and topic taught in the class in different copies and later complains that it was not discussed in the classroom. When I was observed the same daily I asked them to bring their own textbooks and copies and told them that I will underlined the main ideas of the content on their books. And when I used to do this it seems that students were brought their books and copies.

Managing class VI students after recreation –

The students of class VI were much unorganized after the break, they remain outside the classroom and shouted near the door. Many time I had to wait for them in the class.

For overcome this challenge I used to told them that we are going to discuss an interesting topic after break and everyone have had to present in the classroom in exact time after their break. After some days I noticed that students had formed a habit of getting inside the classroom at the exact time after the recreation was over.

These are certain major challenges I faced, but there are few more challenges these are Wrong pronunciation of students, Noise from the nearby classroom of class VIII, Disruptive behaviour of some students. To overcome these all I used to talk with the students more and used to tell some stories based on moral lessons.

Writing context and activity part in lesson plans

At first I was faced difficulty in writing context and activity part in lesson plans. I was unable to link the lesson with previous and next lesson. Even I was also felt difficulty to write in assessment part in context. Thus to overcome this problems I took help from our co-ordinator sir. Before writing lesson plan I started to understand the content thoroughly which help me to create a link between lessons. Regarding activity part also before writing it I read thoroughly the content and then decided which activity would be fruitful for student and then wrote that activity step by step.


In this report, we generally express the experience and whole idea about intern internship. In this critical report, we divided into various parts: which includes idea of the internship, description of the school, problems faced by the pupil teachers.

There is a part which includes the whole internship phase i.e pre internship phase, School internship phase and post internship phase.

Pre internship phase includes all the works done before school internship such as orientation/workshop, Micro teaching, preparation of teaching aids and school internship phase includes school observation for 1 week, delivery of the lesson plan, reflective writing, conducting achievement test, action research and the learning experience which we experience in whole internship is also a key part of the report.


Teaching is a process of cooperative learning between teacher and the students. From my school internship I gained a lot of experiences. As a intern of “ ABC M. V. school” , I try my best to gave them what I able to do for them.

In my internship period 1st I try to analysis what are the problems they faced in their teaching also , I always used different types of teaching method basically which are related with students active participation .

All interns tried to help in all aspect of the school such as taking arrangement classes, controlling them in the physical education period etc. We all students tried to motivate students by organizing drawing competition, memory test competition, quiz competition, exhibition. Also I tried to give some to the students.

I believe that I am successful regarding this because I noticed many changes among the students. One must have to mention that the students of class VI were now able to write their understanding very well who first used to write the answers as it is from their textbook.

I tried to introduce the students with their potentialities through motivational words and I felt that they understood their likes and needs better. We, all interns of ABC M. V. School formed a garden on the courtyard of the school and planted many trees and flowers, it increase the beauty of the school.


We all know that, teacher training courses are associated with an internship programme imbibe in the course itself. In 2years B.ed course as well, there is an internship programme that every university introduce in different semester, for different time period.

Some University provide internship programme in 4th semester and some Universities provide it in 3rd semester. Whenever it is provided, the soul motto of internship is to provide a practical exposure of the things and activities done in theoretical aspects.

According to National Council of Teacher Education, the duration of internship should be 4 months. Earlier B.ed was of 1years, with the changing needs and demand of the society NCTE thought that the internship period should be increase, so 2years B.ed was introduce.


Internship is an integral part of 2years B.ed courses. In School internship the student-teachers will be attached to a particular school for teaching practice for 14 weeks and will undertake various activities related to teaching.

All B.ed colleges and University need to provide this internship programme to the perspective teachers. In EFG University’s 2 years B.ed course internship is provided in the 3rd semester for 4 months.

The entire internship is well design keeping in mind the standard norms laid down by National Council of Teacher Education. The entire internship is divided into three phrases:

  • Pre Internship Phrases, wherein different activities were done to make the interns mentally ready and motivated for actual classroom teaching. Interns were also trained in different skills which will play an essential role in classroom teaching learning process.
  • Internship Phrase, wherein the actual school teaching was done. All the interns were divided into different schools namely, KendriyaVidhyalaya, ABC M.V School, .. High School, … GHS. All the interns taught in the respective school for the period of four months. They were also supervised on regular basis and provided feedback for their improvement. During this period all the interns have tried their level best to inculcate certain values and ideology among the students.
  • Post Internship Phrase, wherein the student, are engaged in community service. Students are given 10days; they have to select a targeted community and try to solve their problem within 10 days. This engagement will help the student to get an exposure to the real life situation of the external world, and working in the ground level.

Internship in B.ed course is something that will provide a base to the perspective teachers, and prepare them for the challenges of the professional world.


There are different objectives of internship carried out by 2 years B.ed course in EFG University:

  • To prepare the student teacher for actual teaching learning process :

Prepare the student, mentally for the internship programme. It includes different session headed by different resource persons, expertise in their own particular field. Each session was to brief the student regarding the internship phrases and to motivate them regarding the entire process.

  • To make proper use of different teaching aids/materials :

Teaching aid is one of the essential components in teaching learning process. A teacher should know how to prepare a teaching aid, keeping in view the content, time, place, in order to make the teaching aid appropriate for teaching learning process.

  • To inculcate in student teacher different skill essential for teaching learning process:

The basic objective of internship programme is to inculcate basic skill essential for teaching. Each skill was explained by a resource person along with demonstration. Skill like- skill of blackboard writing, voice modulation, introducing a lesson, explaining a lesson, questioning etc. were given importance.

  • To apply theory in real life situation:

It is the main objective of an internship because only with the theory we cannot get the actual situation or learning. Learning comes more on doing practice than theory. For example- in teaching, internship is very necessary. It helps to gain practical experiences.

  • To develop in student teacher critical writing skills and reflective skill :

To be a teacher it is important that he/she should be a critical thinkers as well as writer. He/she should also have the capability to reflect on different activities and problems happening in the school as well as outside in the society. So, components like writing reflective dairy and critical report is included.

  • To engage the student with the problems of the community :

A teacher is the one who is responsible for making better citizen for the county. As school is an agency of the community so it is important that the teachers should also be in close contact with the problem of the community. During community engagement the student teacher will come in close contact with the problems of the community and try to solve them.


It is already mentioned in the above discussion that, all the student interns were divided into different school for their internship. I was allotted in ABC M. V. School which is located in EFG , Post Office-ABC, District-…ABC M. V. School is a government school and follow SCERT textbooks.

The school follows almost all the criteria provide by the government. The school is constructed in such a way that it fosters inclusiveness in education. It includes different able students as well and try to provide them education with the other student with same pace and dignity.

It is located near the EFG University Campus, wherein students from different group of society and area come together and study. ABC M. V. School was opened by the members of ABC village. The School was established in … There are classes from I to VIII.

There are around 168 students studying in the school. The school has total staff sanctioned strength of 12 teachers. The school has 9 classrooms, one separate room for head master, one room for staff member, one store room where all the necessary things are kept and one resource room.

The school don’t have any well equip library but a small war drop are there in the resource room where some books are kept. Also the books which are provided free of cost from the government are kept in the self of the resource room.

The school has separate toilet facility for boys and girls. One small kitchen is there in the backside of the school for cooking the mid-day-meal. For this two women’s are appointed. The school has proper drinking water facility and two small flower gardens.

A big play ground was seemed by the intern in the school but it is not used yet. Despite of all this, the school plays a major role in wholesome development of a child. It provides scope and exposure for both scholastic and co-scholastic development of the child.

The school provides a wide range of opportunity to the students regarding their co-scholastic development. The school provides different co-curricular activities like scout and guide, craft education, art education in order to focus all round development of the child.

Students’ performance is appreciative in both curricular and co-curricular aspects. Students are also given different opportunity within the school itself, in sports week, cultural event. The schools don’t have well equipped infrastructure and current facility in the classes.

As in today’s context the entire education system in talking about inclusiveness in education, the ABC M. V. School is one that follows inclusiveness in learning, and includes differently able students.


  • Name of the School- ABC M. V. School
  • Duration of Internship- 16weeks
  • Time of School- 9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Name of the Principal- Mr….
  • School Code……


  • Number of students- ..
  • Gender of students- Girls and boys
  • Class- I-VIII


ClassNo of Students


It was great opportunity from EFGUniversity and department of education to doing school internship in nearby schools. This School internship was held from 13/8/2019 to 5/12/2019. During 1st week we observed the school: from intern observation intern found that: The “ABC Middle School” have beautiful surroundings.

The school have full nice atmosphere where student can easily learn. The School has fully pucca rooms but the school has not a good infrastructure facilities. The school have lots of number of student in class VI and VII based on its capacity because according to “NCERT” guide line the teacher and student should be:- 1:30 but here , teacher student ratio is like per class: 1:45,1:43 and another class like class VIII  has 1:26.

The School needs a security person for security of the school. From various places students are come in the school. Students are having some different kind of personality like: they did not attain class in a right manner always keep noises in the class, some of the students are aware about their learning, and some of the students are most active in participation on various organization and Celebration days.

In the first week of our internship was an observational week, wherein we observed each and every aspects of the school starting from the school building, assembly to the classroom teaching and relation of teacher and students.

In the initial period the intern observed the subject teachers teaching method, classroom environment, student participation etc .Where it helps in analysis the children and their level of understanding, so that when our real teaching learning process starts with those students we can proceed accordingly.

From 27th of August we started with real classroom teaching learning process. We were 7student interns there in ABC Middle School allotted different classes. I was allotted in class VI and VII, wherein I had one pedagogy for one week for take one class per day.

We were also supervised on regular basis by our teachers they also provide us valuable feedback regarding our improvement in teaching learning process.

During the internship period we develop our teaching skills, self confidence, communicative competence, leadership qualities etc. Again there is a need of writing reflection based on school issues of each day. This helps us to think critically as well as it develops our writing skill. Also, we conduct achievement test in which we learn to set question paper which is very necessary for teaching profession.

We also did case study on the student. Resource room development was done by the interns who were beautifully decorated. It helps to develop our creativity skill. Here Pre orientation program and Micro teaching helped to develop all our skills .

This internship phrase provides us lots of opportunities to experiment our abilities and capabilities in a group of student.  I also did number of activities like- making TLM, achievement test, case study and organized other school activities and celebration days.

In school days I gave student activity in class VI (write a poem ) and in class VII (Prepare a list on their local resources)which activities help them to understand the lesson content. This activity helps in better understanding of the content as also help in development of group co-ordination, as it was a group activity.

Moreover such activities also play an important role in development of confidence level of the students.

In ABC Middle School organizes morning assembly at the 9.00 am the morning assembly is started. In morning assembly there are various activities like yoga, quiz, speech on the decided topic, after that they perform “Bhupen Hazarika sangeet”. At the time of school close student and all the teachers perform National Anthem.

Other information that intern find relevant :

From intern observation, intern fined some importance nature of school, 1st their morning assembly “ABC Middle School” also organizes morning assembly at the 9.00 am the morning assembly is started. In every day assembly they take oath to keep the school environment neat and clean and also respect the elders and love for younger.

And always different activities organize by the student at school like: in Monday student need to discuss about the today’s news, Friday student organize poem recitation and Saturday they perform poem of their own writing.  After that they perform “jatiyasangeet”. Followings are the activities performed in the morning assembly.

2nd, in the “ABC Middle School” is that there big opportunity to do co-curricular activities.  They have a big courtyard to play game during the leisure hour. In the daily class routine there are one period at last where teacher give opportunity to the student to express their talents like singing , dancing , drama , etc.


In the 1st day of School Internship programme we all discussing about what are the objectives of our school internship. The main objective of internship programmed is to achieve a change in the behavior of trained.

From our internship, we know that there are difficult between practice teaching and internship: practice teaching is a just a non-formal practice and other hand internship is a part of B.Ed formal course. We find our objective of School internship from various contexts.

According to NCTE objective of B.ED internship are given below:

  • Understanding the internship school and the community around
  • Analysis the school syllabus and textbooks.
  • Preparation of lesson plan and unit plans.
  • Observing the classroom teaching of regular teacher.
  • Observation of classroom teaching of peer student –teacher etc.


This internship period was broadly divided into three sections:

  • Pre Internship Phase
  • School Internship Phase
  • Learning Experience



To give us information about, B.ed internship procedure and how to precede this internship phases our co-ordinate organize a 2 weeks “Orientation or Workshop &Activities” which is held in department of education EFGUniversity. This orientation schedule is given below:

DAY 1- 6th MAY, MONDAY, 2019

The first session was on General orientation on micro teaching and assessment pattern. The resources person taught us the importance of micro teaching and the different components of micro teaching.  After the session we learned the importance of micro teaching and were able to write the micro teaching plan for practice teaching..

The second session was on skills of explaining and reinforcement. We have learned about the importance of skills of explaining and reinforcement and different types of reinforcement. And also teach us how to practice these skills in the class. From the session we learned in which situation and how we should reinforce the students in the classroom.

The third session was on skill of introducing lessons and illustration with examples. We were taught how to focus on the previous knowledge of the learner to introduce the lesson. And also teach how to generate variety of examples to make diverse students understand.

The fourth session was on was on skills of non-verbal clues and stimulus variation. The session dealt with the importance of silence and non- verbal cues in teaching learning process. It focused on when and how to use these skill to make teaching learning effective.

And the fifth session of the day was on school internship: transforming prospective teachers. Here in this session the interns were briefed about the role of teachers in today’s context. The session also dealt with the description of internship as per the NCERT guidelines

DAY 2, TUESDAY, 7th May 2019

The second day of workshop on internship was started on 7/5/2019, Tuesday. It included five sessions and in each session the particular resource person discussed the topics. The second day orientation topics are———-

Session 6th was on skills of increasing pupil participation and using blackboard/ whiteboard. The sessions were taken by Dr. Hitesh Sharma. From this session we learn about the components of the blackboard writing like- ligibility, distinctness, spacing, size of the letters, thickness of the lines etc. In blackboard writing we have to focus on neatness of the writing focusing on the relevant matter which can draw the attention of the learner.

Session 7th was on skills of Silence and achieving closure and the resource person was Karabi Goswami. Generally there are two types of silence a teacher has to perform in the classroom – purposive and non- purposive silence. A teacher has to be silent in some situation in the classroom like after introducing the content, after asking questions to the students, after the initial answer. Teacher has to use short pauses to stimulate thinking of the students. Skill of closer use at the last part of the day’s lesson.A teacher has to evaluate the activities at the end of the class.

Session 8th was on skills of writing instructional objectives and probing question and the session was taken by Archana Adhikari. In this session we learn that – Instructional means purposeful instruction. Instruction are specific and smart which achieve in the class. The rules of instructional: learner specified, learner performance is statured in behavioral learner, conditions specified, and minimum level of achievement.

Probing means details information. Probing questions who known how deeply know their subject. 5 ways of probing questions

  • Prompting (give the simple idea )
  • Sacking further information
  • Re-focusing
  • Generating general awareness
  • Re-directing the question.

Session 9th was on observing school and the session was taken by Dr. …. In this session we were taught and briefed about school observation which we will be doing from the 13th of August. The session dealt with different aspect we need to focus during our school observation as well as during our classroom teaching. We have learn about the different components in observing schools such as infrastructure, classroom discipline, teacher’s pedagogy, school environment etc.

Session 10th was on Classroom Management and the session was taken by Dr. …. Classroom management is usually understood to mean the way teachers organize the space, time and human resources available to them to increase students learning.

The resource also talks about importance of classroom management. Classroom management offers an ideal learning environment which makes learning easy. She also talks about strategies of classroom management such as an engaging lesson plan, addressing behavior issues.

Using visual aids etc the resource also talks about how to create learning environment. Sitting arrangement should be in such a way that teachers give equal attention to all the students. There should be proper desk and benches so that teacher can move around. Class rules should be in general standards of behaviour.

Teacher should involve students in establishing rules and procedures so that they can take it positively and can take active role in applying the rules. The resource also talks about principles of classroom management. At the end of the session resource person talks about approaches to classroom management.

Day 3, Wednesday, 8th May 2019

Session 11th was on understanding action research and its application in school setting and the resource person was Dr. … The resource person explained some of important terminologies that are Concept of action research, Steps taken in action research, Differentiation between action research and traditional research, Tools and techniques for data collection in the process of action research in education, Development of synopsis.

After giving a very good explanation of action research the resource person highlighted the various steps taken in implementing action research such as:

1) Identify the problem

2) Plan action

3) Collect the data

5) Analyze the data

6) Share the finding

7) Review / Reflect

Session 12th was on construction and administration of psychological (Achievement anddiagnostic) tests in schools and the session was taken by Dr. …. We learn how to conduct an achievement test, how to prepare a blueprint for the test. Diagnostic test is use to know the strength and weaknesses of the students.

Session 13th was on understanding case study and its application in school setting and the resource person was Dr. …. Case studies used in large number of social science research.

We used research because we want investigate a certain phenomena (learning). “A case study is empirical studies that investigate a contemporary phenomenon in depth and with its real-life context” we learn the steps of cast study:

Day 4th, Thursday 9th May 2019

Session 14th was on Material development and its integration in classroom and the resource persons were Dr. … and … The session focused on how to prepare a teaching aid and the importance of teaching aid in teaching learning. Here in this session we were asked to prepare a teaching aid as well to better understand the topic.

Session 15thwas on school as a resource and developing resource room in schools and the session was taken by Mr. …. The topic was about making school building as recourse for teaching students. The focus was given on four points: (a)Conceptualizing school as a resource (b)Various Facets of School as a resource (c)Suggestive strategies and (d)Developing resource room in school: concept and purpose.

The resource person gave us the basic idea of school as a resource and guided us how the different parts of school building or classroom can be used as learning resources. The resource person said that different things like models of fruits, vegetables and other things, charts, globe, maps, pictures, paintings etc. can be used in class.

He also added that laboratories for subjects like physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, language labs, computer labs art and craft rooms are also important resources. Resources of knowledge like library, museums are very affective. In the second session, resource person divided the students according to their pedagogy and asked them to plan activity using the classroom resources

Day 5th, Friday 10th May 2019

Session 16th was on community engagement and the session was taken by Mr. …. School is a part of Community. To know students better knowing of community is very essential.

Session 17th was on activity based, learning centered teaching learning process and the session was taken by Dr. …. We can make learning of the students permanent through activity. A teacher has to make the teaching interesting to the students through engaging them with activity related to the content.

Day 6th, Monday 13th May 2019

Session 18th was on learning outcomes and minimum level of learning and the session was taken by Dr. …. This session basically focused on how to write an instructional objective based on the topic or content to be taught.

Session 19th was on the idea of school and schooling. And the session was taken by Mr. …. The session dealt with the theoretical knowledge of the school and different aspects of study.

Session 20th was on the ground realities of schools in Assam and the session was taken by Dr. …. This session mainly focused on the reality of education system in India. It focused basically on the condition of government school in Assam.

Session 21th was on assessment of learning in micro teaching and the session was taken by Dr. … on different skill of micro-teaching. Here we were given an opportunity the practice the skill within a small group, it helped us a lot develop our confidence and provides us encouragement.

During the entire discussion the resource person highlighted aspects which a teacher needs to keep in mind while preparing any test. In the PPT. the resource person showed us various components of achievement test, oral test, standardized test, importance of blue print. \

Most specifically the Resource person told us about the blue print in detail. In the beginning of the next session the Resource person introduced the topic i.e. diagnostic test. Then the Resource person gave an example of doctor diagnosing their patients and made a context that the teacher has to diagnose the problem of the students.

Day 7th, Tuesday 14th May 2019

Session 22nd was on Becoming reflective teacher: Reflective Practices and Maintenance of Reflective Journals and resource person was ….

Session 23rd was on Bloom’s Taxonomy and the resource person was …. In this session we learn the levels of learning and the importance of this taxonomy in teaching and learning.


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A lesson plan is a teachers’ detailed description of the course of instruction or ‘learning trajectory’ for a lesson. A lesson plan is a teachers’ guide for running a particular lesson and it includes a goal what the students are supposed to learn, how the goal will be achieved through using method and procedure.

Also the way of measuring how well the goal was reached (test, worksheet, and homework) can be learn through lesson plan. A lesson plan is a blue print of the entire lesson to be taught in the class.

During the orientation or workshop phrase we were briefed about the format of lesson plan writing based on different pedagogies. As I am a student of Social science and Assamese pedagogies, we all were asked to prepare 10 lesson plans, 5 for each pedagogy from NCERT and SCERT textbook of any class starting from class VI-VIII.

These 10 lesson plan preparation help us a lot in understanding the format of writing the lesson plan. We made many mistakes while writing the lesson plan as it was one first experience of writing lesson plan, but our pedagogy teachers helped us a lot in making us clear the mistake we did and encouraged us in writing the lesson plan.

These lesson plan preparation helped us a lot in prepare our lesson plan for internship phrase. During the preparation of these plans all our queries and doubt were cleared related to preparation of lesson plan. Firstly I was little nervous about how to proceed with writing lesson plan that too 50 lesson plan but once I prepared these 10 lesson plan I develop confidence in writing lesson plans.

Moreover while writing these lesson plans I faced problems in writing the context for lesson plan and the Activity part, but with the guidance and support of our pedagogy teacher I was able to overcome my problem and was able to write the plan in a sequential manner with much ease and competence.

Though I have written 1o lesson plan and submitted it during the pre-internship period, but I had to face many challenges. The major challenge I faced was the shortage of time. . At initial stage at the time of practicing we found many problems such as feeling shy to teach in front of the class, lacking confidence, communication problem, management of time, how to use blackboard etc. Through practicing it helps to build our skills.

We were asked to prepare 10 lesson plan within a short period of time, which was very difficult for me because it was for the first time I was writing lesson and I was little confuse regarding the format.

Moreover in short period of time it becomes difficult especially for the beginner like me to write quality lesson plan, and if there is no quality in the lesson plan I believe it is of no use, because quality is at most important in teaching learning process. But I was able to overcome all my challenges under the guidance and encouragement of the supervisor.


Micro teaching as the names implies is teaching to a small group of people or students. It is basically practiced within the peer itself, wherein peer provides valuable feedback for the improvement of various skills of teaching learning process.

Micro teaching is one of the elements in teacher training programmes. Here the student teacher are asked to prepare a small lesson plan usually of 20minutes for a small group of learner normally his/her own peers associated with a feedback session from the peer itself.

During the orientation/internship programme a session was there wherein, it focused on the theoretical aspect of micro-teaching. Once we were briefed with the micro-teaching skills we were given an opportunity to practice these skills with our peer. This microteaching skill is one of the major components of pre-internship phrase.

During our workshop period, our resource person conducts a session regarding “Micro teaching “where 1st we know the theoretical information about micro teaching like: Micro teaching is training for the student teacher in a classroom with small groups. Micro-teaching was first introduced by Dwight W. Allen in the mid-1960. Micro –teaching is 3 phase: one is pre-active phase, another is interactive phase, post-active phase.

During, these sessions: we practice those skills in front of our peers. Regarding, Skill of probing questions we practice : to develop Probing questions, Seeking further information, Re-focusing, Re- direction, Increasing critical awareness question. Regarding, Skill of illustration with examples intern practice.

Formulating relevant examples, Simplicity of example, Interesting examples, Appropriateness of media, Appropriateness of the approach. Regarding, Skill of stimulus variation, we practice: Body movement, Gesture, Change in speech, Focusing, Change in interaction styles, Oral visual switching, Pausing, Physical involvement of the student. Regarding, Skill of explaining we learn Introducing statement, Explaining links, Define technical words, Use visual technique, Covered essential points, Interesting to the pupil, Questions to make test pupil’s understanding, Concluding statement.

Once the Resource persons were done with the theoretical discussion of the skills, all the student teachers were asked to practice it in the classroom with their peers. The resource persons were the observer and observed the practicing of the skills and provided feedback to the student teachers. The peer with whom the student teacher practiced the skill also provided feedback to the student teacher. These skills help a lot to all the student teacher to develop their skills and level of confidence.

Even though the teacher tried their level best to develop the skills of the student teacher and to provide opportunity to practice the skills, but there were different challenges faced during the practice.

  • All student were not given equal opportunity to practice the skill, it may be because of lack of time.
  • Even though students were divided in group for who will practice which skill but all students did not have the case to practice the skill.
  • Resource persons only explained the skills in theoretical manner along with all its components. But they did not demonstrated how to use the skills in which situation and in correct time and place.
  • The students those who practice the skill do not got the chance all the skills. One student got the chance to practice only one skill, despite of the fact that all the skill is used simultaneously in the classroom or teaching learning process.

Teaching aid are the material used in teaching learning process to make teaching learning more effective and interesting. Teaching materials or teaching aids serves as a supporting element in teaching learning process.

Preparation of teaching aid is something that all teachers should know. In the orientation/ workshop phrase,there was a session on preparation of teaching aids wherein it focused on the theoretical knowledge and aspect of teaching aids. It dealt with the meaning of teaching aid, how to prepare it, importance of teaching aids in teaching learning process.

Once the session was over, we were asked to prepare a teaching aid on any of the topics related to our pedagogies. We were divided into different groups’ 4-5 members in each group. In our group we prepared a flip chart showing different levels of the government we made in attractive with the help of different cartoon characters and colour. As we all know that teaching aid should be prepared in such a way that in attacks the students towards teaching learning process, and creates curiosity among the students about the content.

Though it is already mentioned that teaching aid is one of the major elements in teaching learning, but during the internship phrase I faced little problem in preparing the teaching aids. In the initials days I was unable to understand and figure it out that, what teaching aid will be appropriate for the particular content.

In the initial days I was unable to bring variation in teaching aid. Variation in teaching aids is very important for effective teaching learning process, because there is no variation in the teaching aid the students will get bored and will lose interest in learning process.

Under the guidance of my supervisors I was able to think in a wider way regarding preparation of teaching aids. Moreover with the help, encouragement and motivation of the peers I was able to bring variation in my teaching aids. I also used to discuss with my friends regarding what kind of teaching aids can be used to discuss a particular content. This helped me a lot during mu preparation of teaching aids.

During our pre-internship period, we learn about what the teaching aids which we need to are used in the classroom teaching: resource person give us the basic understanding of the different types of teaching aids i.e. audio visual aids, models, charts, flash cards and trained on the development of teaching learning materials in respective pedagogy subjects. The resource person talked about different types of teaching aids that we can use in our teaching such as tape recorder, charts, models, flash cards etc.


Internship as we all know that is a practical exposure of a profession. It helps the individual to understand and be sure about the profession he/she has opted for their future. It also helps in the development of different professional values, ethics and competencies within the individual.

The internship programme in 2 years B.ed course in EFGUniversity is divided into three phrases-

  • Pre internship phrase
  • Internship phrase
  • Post internship phrase

The Internship phrase is what we called as school internship phrase. These phrases started just after the pre internship phrase, wherein we were oriented and brief about whatever we are going to do in the school internship or internship phrase. School internship phrase is the longest phrase of the internship period. School internship phrase stared from the 2nd week on August and continues till the 1st week of December.

During this phrase, all the student teachers were divided into five different schools, .. M.V. School, ,,… High School, … High School and Panchmile Girls high School. All the interns tried their level best to make the internship a successful one. I was allotted in ABC M.V. School and was assigned to teach in class VI (social science) and class VIII (Assamese). It is one of the great opportunities provided to me by the department of Education EFG University. I am privileged to be a part of the school.

As an intern in ABC M. V. School I had a great experience. I got an opportunity or rather an exposure to teach in such a diverse classroom and such a bright and inspiring batch of student. During the school internship we had a take one class per day in the allotted classes.

Taking classes in class VI and VIII was not an easy task. In the initial days of school internship it became very difficult for me to manage the class and make my identity in the classroom. But by the passing time and my continuous effort I was able to manage the class and make my identity in the class.

It was not that we just need to take up classes in the school, despite of taking classes we had many different activities to be done in the school. We need to write a daily reflection on any issues and problem occurring in the school in daily basis, and try to solve that issue or problem as per our capacity.

We also tried our level best to help the school administration starting from taking up arrangement classes, exam duties, solving any issues related to the student, briefing students about preparation of model for exhibitions or about the rules of debate and different strategies used in debate.

Not only this we also tried to find out a problem child in the classroom prepare a report on his/her problem, reason of his problem, and different strategies to be used in solving his/her problem. It’s not that we will write the strategies just like that, we also need to use those strategies with that student, during the school internship period.

From the above discussion it is clear that, in the school internship we were engaged in different work along with the classroom teaching. The main aim of inculcating all these elements in school internship is that, to provide a professional environment in which we have work in near future and develop our professional skills and ethics.

The school internship was that easy as it sound. It was full of challenges and difficulties. But despite of all the changes I faced. I tried my level best to perform well by overcoming all the challenges. Challenges I faced are as follows-

  • Faced issues in time management of the class, as the mathematics teacher always used to take extra 10-15minutes of his class, which leads to just insufficient time left for my class, and hence causing difficulties in time management.
  • During the first few days it took me little time to make an identity in the class. As in the initial days I was unable to manage the classroom effectively.
  • I also faced challenges in preparing teaching aids based on the context, time, and place.

Even though I faced all these challenges, but I was able to overcome these challenges with the continuous support and guidance of my supervisor and my entire peer. With their help my internship phrase foe successful in an effective manner.


Lesson plan is one of the important elements of the entire internship programme. We were asked to write lesson plan in the pre internship phrase as well. During pre-internship period we prepared 10 lesson plans in order to have a practice on how to write a lesson plan.

As it is already mention above and discussed that a lesson plan is a teachers’ detailed description of the course of instruction or ‘learning trajectory’ for a lesson. A lesson plan is a teachers’ guide for running a particular lesson and it includes a goal what the students are supposed to learn, how the goal will be achieved (the method and procedure) and the way of measuring how well the goal was reached (test, worksheet, and homework).

A lesson plan is a blue print of the entire lesson to be taught in the class. Therefore it is important for the teacher trainee to be well versed in writing lesson plan.

The format of lesson plan writing was different according to different pedagogies and contained different component. The component that were included in the format of social science pedagogy are as follow-

  • Context for lesson plan

Here the main idea of the lesson is written establishing connection with the lesson topic and the main idea of the chapter.  A connection is also made between the lesson taught in the previous class and the lesson to be taught in the next class with the content to be taught. The skill of the students along with how it can be used in development of lesson plan is also highlighted.

  • Teaching Materials/ Resource Materials

It includes the miniature of the teaching aid to be used for discussing the particular topic or lesson.

  • Instructional Objective

It focused on the objective decided to be fulfilled in the class. The objective should be particular, it should not be vague.

  • Lesson content

It includes the content to be covered in the class within a particular time period

  • Method

It includes the method to be used in teaching and dealing with a particular topic. Each instructional objective will be followed by lesson content and a method to be used.

  • Activity

Activity part is the major and essential part of the lesson plan. It includes all the activities to be done in the classroom. In simple words it includes each and everything that happen in the classroom.

  • Assessment

Assessment is an essential element of teaching learning process. Assessment includes the activities done by the teacher to assess the classroom discussion. It may include different strategies, like verbal question, quiz, and matching etc.

  • Time Required

It includes the estimated time that will be requiring completing the discussion or explanation of the content.

  • Learning Outcome

It deals with the minimum learning outcome that the students will achieve in the end of the class or the discussion of each instructional objective.

  • Summary

It will include the small summary of the content dealt in the class

  • Home Assignment

It includes the home assignment that will be given to the students. It should be not paper pencil based rather should provide exposure and enhance critical thinking of the students.

  • Differentiation Summary

It includes the step taken by the teacher in catering the need of different types of students in the diverse classroom. As the classroom is heterogeneous in nature so the teacher will use different strategies to deal with different types of students.

  • Lesson note

Lesson note is the last but an important component of lesson plan writing. In this component the teacher will pen down his/her experience, and will use this as a base for development of the next lesson plan.

The components that are included in the format of Assamese lesson plan writing are as follows

  • Identification of Data : Here the school name, class, total number of students, age of the students, time, subject, lesson name, pupil teachers name and date has to include. Also the general and specific objectives of the lesson have to write.
  • Teaching aids : Teaching aids includes general aids like- chalk, duster, pointer, textbook etc. and specific aids like model, chart etc. related to the content.
  • Preparation : This include attracking students interest and attention to the class through questioning on their previous knowledge.
  • Presentation : This include loud reading by the teacher at first , students loud and silent reading , explanation and discussion of the content using teaching aids and through conducting other activities like group discussion, role playing etc. The teacher explains the meaning of the difficult words, sentence making, discuss the summary of the content. After it the teacher evaluate students understanding by asking questions.
  • Conclusion : The teacher conclude the lesson giving home assignment .

Lesson plan writing helped us a lot in preparing for the class. Once we prepare the lesson plan we need to go through the chapter and the content which helped us to clear all our doubts and quires related to it and have an in-depth knowledge on the content. It also helped in development of different skills like critical thinking, writing skills, skill of association and establishing connection, which will be of great use in the near future.

During the initial day writing lesson plans was of great difficulty for me. It took me almost 5-6 hours to write one lesson plan. I also did many mistakes while writing and unable to write in a proper and sequential manner. In the initial days I face difficulties in writing the context for lesson plan, differentiation summary and instructional objective which is an essential element in a lesson plan.

But I was lucky enough that my supervisor was so welcoming and encouraging that he guided me through the lesson plan and helped me in writing a quality lesson plan. After few weeks I was able to write lesson plan with least mistakes and was able to write lesson within minimum time duration.

Even though I have developed a lot in writing the lesson plan, but I faced many challenges while writing the lesson plan, which I overcome eventually. The challenges I faced are as follows-

  • In the initial days I faced problem in writing the lesson plan, as we had to write 4 lesson plans for a week and I was unable to manage time with preparing for the class, writing reflection and preparing teaching aids.
  • As we were not well briefed with all the components of the lesson plan in the initial days, therefore I faced problem about how to write the component in a proper and sequential manner.

Though, I faced lots of challenges in writing the lesson plan yet it was a great experience and of great use in near future.


It is already mentioned in the above discussion that  lesson plan is a teachers’ guide for running a particular lesson and it includes a goal what the students are supposed to learn, how the goal will be achieved (the method and procedure) and the way of measuring how well the goal was reached (test, worksheet, and homework).

A lesson plan is a blue print of the entire lesson to be taught in the class. Therefore it is important for the teacher trainee to be well versed in writing lesson plan.

As an intern in the school internship phrase we were asked to deliver one lesson plan each day. I prepared 50 lesson plans for both social science and Assamese pedagogy out of which I was able to delivered 14 from social science pedagogy and 12 from Assamese pedagogy.

The plan which were delivered were successfully delivered with the essential skills and components required. These lesson plans were prepared based on the standard norms and sequence. Variation was there between different lesson plans, different strategies and method was used in delivering these plans like- discussion, explanation, storytelling, role play, enactment etc.

Use of different techniques and method while delivering lesson plan creates curiosity and interest among the learner towards teaching learning process. Delivering lesson plan is to deliver and discuss the prepared lesson plan prepared in the pre teaching phrase. Delivering lesson plan is one of the important aspects of school internship phrase.

This delivery of lesson plan will help the student teacher to have exposure and experience of real teaching learning situation. It will also help in development of different professional ethics and professional values within the interns who are the future teacher of our society. It will help the student teacher to be sure about the profession they have chosen.

Despite being an important aspect there are various importance of lesson plan delivering which I personally felt they are as follows

  • Delivery of lesson plan provides real life exposure of a classroom teaching learning process.
  • It also helped me a lot in developing different skills like- skill of explaining with examples, skill of questioning, skill of introducing a lesson, skill of blackboard writing.
  • Delivery of lesson plan also help in development of confidence and enthusiasm within the interns.
  • It also helps the intern to develop their teaching strategies and provide them feedback.
  • It also helps the interns to have a firsthand experience of professional ethics and professional values and also help in the development of theses professional ethics and values.

Delivering of lesson plan will helped in development of above mentioned aspects.  As, it is already mentioned that delivering of lesson plan helps in the development of various skills and level of confidence. Despite of all these there are various challenges I faced while delivering of lesson plan, they are as follow-

  • During the first few weeks I did not get the opportunity to deliver four lesson plans a week, because of the hectic class schedule.
  • In delivering of the lesson plan I was unable to manage the time because prior to my class there was a mathematics class and the teacher used to take extra 10-15 minutes most of the time, which lead to inappropriate time management in my class.
  • When I conduct the activities sometimes I can’t complete the planned lesson within 40 minutes as the conducting of activity takes more time than expected.

Even though there were different challenges which I faced but I overcome them with my patience and the guidance and support of my supervisor and my friend I was able to overcome my challenges.


1Concept of Government22/08/2019
2Different types of Government27/08/2019
3Concept of technology and its uses03/09/2019
4Agriculture and technology31/10/2019
5Technology in Industry and Communication23/10/2019
6Technology in transportation, medical and education24/10/2019
7Invention of Cultivation and journey of a new life30/10/2019
8Equipment’s of cultivation and Animal Husbandry13/11/2019
9Invention of wheel and creation or formulation of village14/11/2019
10Rising of the farmers and herdsman during Ancient period15/11/2019

Writing reflection is one of the major components of school internship phrase. As an intern in the school internship phrase we were asked to write a reflection of every day basis and maintain a reflective journal. Accordingly I have also maintained a reflective journal on daily basis based on the problem and issues.

I wrote reflection on daily basis from Monday to Friday. I used to reflect on various aspects and activities of the school. These reflections help me in different ways few are as follows-

  • This reflective writing helped in the development of critical thinking and analysis skill.
  • Writing reflective journal also helped me a lot in thinking deeply and intensely on a particular topic and has a wide level of imagination.
  • It also helps in development of writing skill and use of vocabulary.
  • It also helped in the development my of observation and perception, because I have to write reflection on daily happenings in the school so I should be a good observer and perceiver to reflect on various topic
  • Writing reflections also helped me a lot in development of problem solving skills. It was not that we will just write the reflections. Reflection should be written in those topic, issues, problem, which I as an intern can solve it or can initiate the solution. So it will also foster problem solving skills of the students.

As there are many importance which I mentioned above of writing reflective journals there are certain challenges as well which I faced while writing these reflective journals. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep an pace on the activities if the school because as an intern I had different other work which I used to do in the school itself like writing lesson plan, preparation teaching aids, correcting notebooks of the student etc. in between which I was unable to manage time for daily basis issues and activity and solve that issues.

Moreover sometimes it becomes difficult for me to solve an issue as it is out of my reach. At times it happened that one issue continued for 2-3 days but we were not allowed to reflect on the same topic more than once even though the problem or issue continued to occur. Moreover sometimes it happens that the issues are such that it becomes difficult to reflect on that topic or issue.

Even though there are different challenges in writing reflections yet it plays a major in development of different aspects and skill which will be of great use in the professional field as well as real life situation.

1Unhygienic Environment
2Inactiveness of the teachers
3Lack of electric facility
4No involvement of parents in the school activities
5Absence of non-teaching staff
6Problem in writing sentence
7Not use of teaching aid by the teacher
8Poor rate of students attendance
9Unorganized library in the school
10Lack of knowledge of grammar
11Failed to maintain discipline after the  break in class
12Absence of proper time table for exam
13Teachers irregularity
14Students interest in learning
15Most of the students are not participate in class activities
16Co-operation among peers is weak
17Ingredient of mid-day-meal is not good
18Noise of class VII create problem in teaching in class VIII
19Teachers does not use blackboard in any class
20Slow writing of students in the class

3.2.4 CASE STUDY :

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School observation is one of the major elements in the internship programme. During this phrase we were to observe all the aspects of the allotted school and prepare a report on the basis of the observation. School observation is important because prior starting our internship we should have a basic idea about how the school is, its environment, teachers, students, pedagogies, level of student so that we can prepared according.

As an intern we were given 1 week to observe our allotted school and understand different aspect of the school. I was allotted in ABC M.V. School.

During our orientation/ workshop session we were oriented on school observation, wherein we were briefed about, the meaning of school observation, how to proceed with the school observation, its importance and criteria to be observed.

The session helps me a lot in making the plan of school observation. It helps me to least out the aspect which I want to focus more in order to have a sequential better school observation. I tried my level best to observe all the aspect of the school to a better understanding of the school so that I can proceed accordingly in my internship phrase.

From the observation of the school I came to know about different aspects of the school, regarding the demography of the school administrative function etc.

One the major aspects that attract me a lot is that, as the entire world is talking about inclusiveness in education, the school plays an important role in inclusive education, It includes differently able students as well, and try to provide education together in equal pace with other students as well, which is a great initiative taken by ABC M. V. School, this step of the school is really appreciating.

The school environment is positive, friendly and encouraging and the head master display supportive behaviour with students, staff and parents. But the school environment is unhygienic. As the school is situated near the road and a market is there sometimes it may create crowd which affect the environment of the school.

The classes are start at 9.20 a.m. The students were make noise in the classroom and moved from one classroom to another. There is lack of desk and benches for students. The school organizes various programmes like celebration of birth day of grate persons, different co-curricular activities like quiz, extemporary speech, and dance and art competition among the students.

I have observed that the student teacher relationship between the teacher and students are not so good. Teachers maintain distance with students. The school doesn’t have adequate lighting, comfortable seating, and useful service facilities such as library, multipurpose rooms, electronic facilities, classrooms, bulletin boards and proper blackboard. The food provided to the students in the school is not healthy.

It was a great experience for me to observe school where we want to teach in the future. The experience was really useful for us. During the school observation phrases I personally faced few challenges. As we were given only 1 week wherein we got only 5 days in school to observation few aspect remained unobserved which may be an important one.

It becomes difficult for me to observe different aspect at a time. It was becoming difficult for me to observe and understand particular aspects in details. As we were asked to observe all the aspect of the school based on different criteria, it was difficult to observe all the aspects in short duration of time.


Teaching aid are the material used in teaching learning process to make teaching learning more effective and interesting. Teaching materials or teaching aids serves as a supporting element in teaching learning process. Preparation of teaching aid is something that all teachers should know.

It is one of the soul components of teaching learning process. Teaching learning materials helps in making the abstract things and concept concrete for better understanding of the children, and also provides a support to the imagination of the students as well as the teachers.

During the pre internship phrase as well, there was a session in orientation and workshop programme, on preparation of teaching aid wherein it was focused on the meaning of teaching aids, its importance and use in teaching learning process.

Teaching aids help in making the class interesting and cater the interest of the students in the classroom teaching and learning process. As an intern during the internship phrase I used different teaching aid while teaching in the classroom to make classroom teaching interesting and interactive. The teaching aid I used were-Chart (picture, and diagram), Models, Flip chart, Maps etc.

Resource is a room which we were supposed to develop in our respective school containing all the resource materials we used during our internship programme.

According we prepared a Resource room. In ABC M. V. School we took a room after taking permission from the Head teacher. He allows and allots us a room where we develop our resource room.

There were 7 students interns in ABC M. V. School all are having both Social science and Assamese pedagogy. According we used different teaching aid on regular basis in our classroom teaching. All these teaching aid were kept there in the resource room.

The entire resource room was divided into two parts, one part for sciences and one for Assamese. As I am a student of social science pedagogy and Assamese, I had contributed in the best possible way in the development of resources room.

We all know that there are sub parts in social science as well; therefore accordingly we divide the social part corner into four parts. First we started with history, wherein we kept all the resource material used in teaching of History starting from charts, flash cards to models.

Then we proceed to Geography wherein we kept all the resource materials used in teaching of geography by all the social science interns. Next to geography we had a civics corner, wherein we arranged and kept the resource material used by the interns in teaching of civics.

It includes different models, charts, flash cards, flip charts newspaper which were prepared by me. Just next to civics we had a section comprising different teaching aids and resources used in teaching of Economic by the interns.

In one corner we hanged the charts on the wall and models are put. In 5th December, our respected teachers went to our school and observe, analysis our resource room, as well as they asked question about resource room one by one. This resource room helps the school, teachers, and student to saw their idea in a broad view.

Resource room development will be of great use for us. It provides us encouragement and motivation of the work done. Moreover,  as we kept all the resource material used in the school which their teacher can use in future to teach different topic. It will also motive the students to prepare different mode.


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Final teaching is the final supervision of our teaching in the respective school. During these 4month period of school internship we were supervised on regular basis by our teacher. We were supposed to maintain a feedback note book to be kept in the last bench of the class along with the lesson plan and the feedback back form.

On the basis of our teaching we were scored on different criteria. We were scored on a scale of 4 point rating scale. The one who supervise us score us on that rating scale and write valuable feedback on the feedback note book.

Our final teaching started from 27th of November and continued till 4th of December. Every day few students teacher were supervised. Final teaching is the final supervision of our teaching; here we need to focus on all the feedback given by the entire teacher during our internship phrase.

As I am an intern of ABC Middle School and I had my final teaching on 27th November (social science pedagogy) and 3rd December (Assamese pedagogy). For the day of final teaching I have prepared my best lesson plan as far as possible. On the final teaching day I was supervised by

  • ABC (Social Science pedagogy)
  • XYZ ( Assamese Pedagogy)

During my final teaching day I dealt with the topic from geography part for social science pedagogy that is ‘Rotation of the Earth’. For discussing this topic I used a working model how the earth rotate and gave them to play the role of earth to show how the earth rotate on its own axis.

Here I used discussion method to explained my topic and engaged the students in different activities. For Assamese pedagogy I select the topic ‘Culture and our life’.

I used a model containing the components of Assamese culture and conduct an extemporary speech to engage the students actively. Student were very interactive during the classes and were able to connected with the topic as I gave them examples from the immediate environment.

I was able to manage the time in a proper manner and the feedback which I got during my internship phrase I kept in consideration all that while preparing for my final teaching. During the final teaching we were assessed in all the skill used in teaching learning process.

I tried and gave my level best during the day of final teaching. Moreover on the day of Assamese final teaching my teaching was recorded by my peer- xyz and ABC, in order to use the recording for academic purpose. This recording helped in knowing and understanding the mistake I did and get a feedback of the teaching.


Peer observation is one of the important elements of school internship. Peer observation was also done in micro teaching phrase wherein we were supposed to teach in a small group of people normally our peers, these peers also plays an important role as they play a role of observer.

They observe the teaching and skills practiced by the student teacher in the micro teaching phrase and provide feedback for improvement.

During the internship phrase we were supervised on regular basis by our teacher, wherein they point out our positive and negative aspects regarding our teaching. They provide positive reinforcement for our positive aspects and provide feedback for poor performance in any of the skills. Beside this they also provide us remedial measures to improve our teaching learning process.

During by internship phrase I was observed by three of my peers namely .., she observed class when I was dealing with the topic ‘Invention of wheel and formulation of village’, ..and ……. was observed my final teaching as they are assigned to record by video by the internship co-coordinator. From the peer observation of my class and their valuable feedback, I was able to develop different skill in which I was lagging behind.

Their feedback helps me a lot in developing my teaching. As I used to feel little uncomfortable and under confidence in the presence of the supervisors in the class, peer observation help me in the development of confidence, and to be in least pressure in the presence of the supervisors.

They also recorded by videos while teaching, so that I can watch it later on and identify the lope holes in my teaching and develop it accordingly.

During the internship period as it is already mentioned that, we were divided into different school and I was in ABC M. V. School, where we were 7 interns. As an intern I also observed one of my peers class i.e…’s class. As … was getting good feedback from different supervisors and was able to manage the class in an effective manner, so, I decided to observe his class and try understanding, the strategies he uses in teaching in an interesting and interactive manner.

From the observation of his class I came to know that he teach in such a way that, students get attacked towards and class. He also leaves a scope of curiosity among the students and conduct different educational activities in the class, which makes his class interesting and easy going.

I also discussed with how to develop my teaching style and strategy so that I can provide a scope of curiosity and critical thinking to make the class interesting and interesting. From his guidance support and advice I was able to develop my teaching strategies and skill resulting in interactive and interesting teaching learning environment.


Co- curricular activities is an important element in whole some development of an individual. Co-curricular activities help in the development of different aspects of the child staring from development of motor skills to social skill.

Co-curricular activity is an immense part of teaching learning process; education is incomplete with co-curricular activities, because learning is a combination of both curricular and co-curricular activities, without co-curricular activities all round development cannot be achieved.

After joining in the school in 5th September we celebrated teacher’s day in the school with the co-operation of the teachers and students of the school. The students were performed dance and sang songs. On 2nd October, in the day of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’, we organized an extemporary speech among the students on great persons of India.

Students were participated on it and we reward the winners. On 5th November we organized programme to give tribute to Dr. BhupenHazarika on his death day. Students were sang songs of BhupenHazarika. On 14th November Children day was celebrated in school.

There were many performances from the students. And also many of our interns performed on the programme. As well as intern she in her class organizes: art competition, Quiz competition as well as intern teach them role play how to deliver dialogue.

During our internship programme there were different co-curricular activities organised in the school. These activities help in development of leadership skill as well as development of confidence among the students. Even though we were unable to contribute directly in the co-curricular activities but indirectly we were associated with it contributing in it.

Students here in ABC M. V. School are active in co-curricular aspects, every student have got an opportunity to explore and enhance his/her qualities and talents. No student is deprived of any of the co-curricular activities in the school. It helps in development of brotherhood and unity among the students, along with co-ordination and collaboration.


Internship has provided lots of experiences, opportunity to me. I have learned and experienced many things from the internship. This internship was one of the memorable memories of my life.

As I am a student of Psychology I have done much internship during my previous course of studies, but wha I have experienced during this phrase of internship I have never experienced in my previous internship. Even though during my previous internship also I have got much exposure and experience but during this phrase of internship I have learned many other things.

I have learned many things starting from pre- internship phrase, from the session and the workshop held in the pre-internship phrase I came to know more about different concept earlier studied and got an in-depth knowledge about the content.

During the pre-internship phrase there were few workshop session wherein we learned things with the help of learning by doing, with the help of which I came to know how learning by doing method plays an remarkable role in teaching learning process.

As it is already mentioned that, how important is micro teaching in development of different skills. So during micro-teaching phrase I learned a lot about different skill. I learned both theoretical backgrounds of the skill as well as had a practical practice session of these skills.

During the pre-internship phrase I learned different things like preparations of teaching aids, use of different skills, and different criteria for school observation, about different types of school.

All these learning served as a based in the school internship phrase where I got real life exposure and experiences regarding the profession I have choose for my future.

My learning experiences from pre-internship phrase are as follows-

  • Theoretical knowledge about different skills like skill of questioning, explaining, probing questions, skill of black board writing, skill of closure etc.
  • As there was a workshop on preparation of teaching aids, so from this workshop I learned about how to prepare a teaching aid based on the context, time, place and content.
  • From this phrase I learned many different theoretical concepts related to teaching, process of teaching, micro teaching, its importance and use in school internship phrase, etc.
  • During these phrases we were given opportunities to practice different skill in a group of peer, from which I developed my confidence and courage to stand and speak in front of the crowd, without any hesitation.

For the internship phrase there were already few predetermined objectives which were decided by the department prior the internship phrase, which is focused to be fulfilling during the internship period.

Even though there were certain objective, that were predetermined to be fulfilled but yet I as an individual decided that besides these pre determined objective I will try my level best to fulfil the following objectives-

  • To formed a good rapport and communication with the students, not only those of the allotted class but also with the other students as well
  • To contribute to the school anything that is as per my capacity.
  • To help the students to develop certain values and moral ethics.
  • To provide guidance to the student related to their issues and try to solve their problem as far as possible.

Once our internship was started we were given few weeks for observation, wherein we observed the school based on different criteria. This school observation helped me to develop my skill of observation. It also helped in the development of my perception and the level of patience.

As for observation one of the element that is important is the patience level of the individual, without patience it is impossible to develop effective observation skills. Writing observation reports also helped in the development of critical thinking in writing skill. From writing the observational report I developed my vocabulary.

Not only observation report as we were supposed to write and maintain a reflective journal, it also help me to develop my critical writing skill. Writing Reflection help me to learn problem solving as it was not that we will write the reflection and we are done, we have to try my level best to solve that problem.

One of the major aspects I learned from the internship is that, I have learned to be punctual. Though it seems silly and small thing but it is something that is important for daily life.

During the initial days of the school internship phrase, I was very irritated as I had to wake up early and reach school by 8.50 sharp or else the school gate is closed and I have to remain outside the gate during the assembly, but with repeated trial I was able to learn punctuality.

Now I am always on time or before decided time in any of my activity. This internship has made be punctual and active as during internship we have being assigned many work to be done together, with this I have also learned multi tasking which is an important element to be learned by the future teacher.

From the internship phrase I have got an external exposure and real life practical experience of the profession. As from the very beginning of the course we have been learning about individual differences and classroom diversity in teaching learning process theoretically, this internship phrase provides us the opportunity to have a real life experience with these contents.

I have got an experience about the classroom with diversity and individual differences and learned how to deal with such a class using different strategies and techniques.

During this internship phrase I have developed my communication skills and learned how to communicate with people in such a way that it becomes an effective one and one is able to make a remarkable image in someone mind.

I have already decided an objective as mentioned in the above discussion of forming a good rapport and communication with the student, which I was able to able to establish. In the initial days I faced issues dealing the class, I was unable to form rapport and hold an identity in the classroom.

But after few days of effort I was I was able to establish a good rapport with the student and hold an identity in the school. The rapport I build was so good that the students were comfortable in sharing almost everything with me. They shared different problem related to their personal life.

I tried my level best to solve their problems and provide them guidance related to their issue. I also provide counselling to few students class VIII and VI, whatever I have learned about counselling and practice it during my master’s days, I used all that knowledge in dealing with the issues of the student.

It was not that I have good rapport with the students of class VIII and VI which was my allotted class; rather I had a good rapport with the students of other class as well. It was because I used to take arrangement classes in order to interact with different students.

This internship phrase provides me opportunity to practice different skill in a practical manner in real classroom teaching. In the pre internship phrase we were given to practice different skills of teaching but it was not effective for the student teacher. There are many reasons for ineffectiveness of micro teaching practice, few are as follows-

  • In appropriate and insufficient time
  • All the student did not get the opportunity to practice
  • Resource persons did not demonstrate how to practice the skills in real classroom teaching, rather explained how to use the skill in theoretical manner, which was little confusing which lead to inappropriate practice of the skills, as proper briefing was not given regarding the skill.
  • One major reason why I feel that practicing micro-teaching skill is ineffective because we were not given chance to practice all the skill it may be because of lack of time

In the internship phrase I was able to practice all the skills and developed each skill in an effective manner. During this phrase I also learned how to use different skills effectively in direct skills.

As school teachers are not just for teaching purpose rather they need to be versatile in different aspects which are characteristics of 21st century teachers. So as an intern as well I have experienced different aspects in the internship phrase. I have prepared a paper puppets show as well as taught the student how to prepare it.

From this internship I have developed by skill of observation and listening a lot. On top of that I have develop the skill of analysis and critical thinking

Achievement test is one of the essential components of teaching learning process, without assessment teaching learning process is incomplete. Assessment provides a feedback to both student and teacher. To students it provides feedback regarding their learning and improvement and to teacher it serves as a feedback regarding their teaching style and strategies.

In the previous semester we were taught about Achievement test, regarding its meaning, importance construction of Achievement test. It is not that we were just taught theoretically, we were asked to prepare an achievement test. But the achievement test we prepared was based on an imaginary group of students as we were not able to conduct the test in the real life scenario.

In contract during the internship phrase I was able to conduct an achievement test on a real classroom setting. I conducted an achievement test on the students of class VI and VIII on the chapter from Geography part of Social Science and Assamese. The conduction of achievement test was that easy as I had to adjust time as it was for 25 marks and was impossible to be done in 40minutes.

In the internship phrase we had faced different challenges and issues stating from not getting classes to deliver lesson plans, not getting allotted classes, using of washroom etc. Despite of this entire problem, I have learned to adjust with the situation.

Moreover keeping all the negative experience and problem aside I have enjoyed the internship and completed it with joy.

Not only from internship phrase, I have learned many things from my co-interns, without them it would be difficult for me to adjust in such a hectic environment.

It was just because of them that I was able to complete the internship phrase with such ease. I have also learned many things from my co-interns. I have learned co-operation and co-ordination, patience, enthusiastic skills from. These 4 months were the golden days with these 6 interns.

Even though, the internship phrase was full of ups and down, just like a roller coaster ride, yet I learned many things from the internship. During these 4 months I tried by level best to follow and maintain the professional ethics and dignity of the profession which I am going to opt in the near future.

I learned all the things dealt in the orientation and workshop. I got an exposure of all the events and activities in a practical manner. I was able to understand the challenges faced in dealing with the practical exposure of the skills. I have also learned how to solve these issues and provide remedial measures.

The co-curricular exposure we get in the school as help us in development of our characteristics. There are different co-curricular activities organised in the school, which provides us exposure to the activities to be done in the school despite teaching in the classroom. In today’s context it is important that an individual, especially if he/she is a teacher should have the following qualities-

  • Problem solving
  • Collaborative and co-operative learner
  • Facilitator and motivator to the students

From the internship phrase I as a person I have changed and developed a lot. I have learned many things. I can guarantee after this internship I can adjust and work in any type of work situation. As we have faced so many challenges in ABC M. V. School, despite of which we have learned many thing and enjoyed the internship to the fullest.

The knowledge, opportunity, experience and exposure which I receive during these internship is surely appreciating.


It was a memorable experience of my life. The internship is a practical and professional work for that obviously intern learned various skills from this school internship. Practice make perfect same as from this internship I grow up a fully self confidence person.

It makes me feel responsible, as a society school, class leader who able to lead something. From this internship we learn skills of teaching which is very much important in our practical life, also we learn writing the lesson plan various strategies and method of classroom teaching.

As per the professional view point this internship develops a simple person as a socially active and responsible person. From the above discussion of the report, I can conclude that the entire internship is a golden opportunity we got from the department of education; it was a great exposure and experience.

It was a great experience with both sweet and better aspects. Even though there were different issues related to different aspects yet I learned different things and elements in the internship process. The internship programme was an effective one.

I learned all the skill to be used in the class, along with the professional ethics, values and competence to be required. It was a great experience for me as well as one of the best exposures I experienced. The knowledge, opportunity, experience and exposure which I receive during these internship is surely appreciating.


  • Exposer – The revelation of something secret, especially something embarrassing or damaging.
  • Professional – Engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.
  • Reflective – Relating to or characterized by deep thought.
  • Ideology – A system of ideas and ideals.
  • Behaviour – The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others.
  • Government – The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state.
  • Ethics – Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.
  • Values – The regard that something is held to deserve, worth or usefulness of something.

So that sums up the sample of internship report for student. Hope you like it.

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