Best Eye Protection Glass for Mobile and Computer in India

Are you looking for the best eye protection glass for mobile and computer? In this article we will breakdown the best eye protection glass for mobile and computer in India 2021.

Defects of harmful blue-light from digital devices –

  • Blue light impedes the brain production of melatonin, resulting in sleep disorders.
  • Digital eye strain negatively affects the output, and can lead to less productivity.
  • Blue wavelengths can provoke headaches, sore eyes and blurred vision.

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Best Eye Protection Glass for Mobile and Computer List-

  1. Intellilens Blue Cut Zero Power Navigator eye protection glass for mobile and computer

Eye protection glass for mobile and computerCheck Price on AmazonBest Eye Protection Glass for Mobile and Computer in India 

Starting off at number 1, we have the Intellilens Blue Cut Zero Power Navigator eye protection glass. Without any doubt it is the best eye protection glass for mobile and computer.

Intellilens has been certified by QIMA for ISO 8980-3: 2013 standard and provides 100% UV protection against blue light and ultraviolet light.

Intellilens provides  ‘Intelligent Lenses’ to fight against ‘Smart Devices’. It is quipped with the latest Blue Cut technology, these glasses are specially designed to block harmful blue-light from digital devices such as mobile phones and computers.

A unique proprietary specific blue light wavelength is integrated into its lenses to filter over 95% of blue light and 100% of UV light. Intellilens offers clinically proven protection from digital eye strain by blocking blue-light and eliminating glare.

It is perfect for working on your computer without being concerned about the blue light damaging your eyes or interfering with your melanin before sleep. It looks fashionable as well.

These days most of us constantly work on laptop and phone all day, which results in severe headache. But this glass is designed to save you from headache cause by the blue rays of smart devices.Not only do they block blue light, they are also anti-glare. You can always wear them whenever you use your computer or mobile and your eye’s won’t feel strained at all.

Product Features-

Eye Care:

Square Blue light filter lens is upgraded from normal computer glasses, Perfect for you who uses computer and phones all day for work and was complaining of eye fatigue and pain, redness. You will notice a difference.These are worth it to save your eyes from fatigue with electronic screen use. Help with eye strain from computer, tablet, smartphone use for extended periods of time.

It is zero power lens and its anti-glare. Used to cut blue light while viewing laptops, tablets etc.. It is 100% Bluecut with Anti Reflection coating and UV protection.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning them is very easy. Just wash under running water and wipe dry with cleaning cloth

Material and Frame Size:

Our Square Anti Glare Blue cut glasses are made from high quality plastic material, the full frame spectacles are free size and designed to fit with utmost comfort. The standard size dimension for the product is 50 mm-20 mm-135 mm.

The lens material is a hard resin 1.56 index monomer with a unique built in special blue light filter that selectively eliminates certain wavelengths of blue light that cause fatigue and retinal damage while at the same time transmits good blue light that regulates sleep and boosts brain activity.

High Quality Design:

Lightweight plastic frame, blue light filter lenses With exquisite temples. All the details make our Square full rim eyeglasses more durable enough for long time use & ensure you a perfect performance.

Skin Friendly Nose Pads:

These Square eye wear use the environmental & skin-friendly materials to make the nose pads. And the design of the nose pads is adjustable which allows for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Cute Pattern Stylish Square Glasses:

Stylish, Premium, comfortable, lightweight and made with a high quality frame for long lasting enjoyment. With trendy and modern design yet very comfortable to wear, don’t settle for anything less.

These days we don’t take good enough care of our eyes. We all know our eyes are precious and can’t be replaced, so do yourself a favor, buy these glasses.

Protect what’s important. Even if you don’t get these glasses, make sure you keep good care of your eyes!buy at amazon

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