B.Ed practical files

B.Ed practical files | B.Ed 2nd year practical files

Hello B.Ed trainee teachers. Are you looking for the B.Ed practical files? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Here you will find all the B.Ed practical files both for B.Ed 1st year and B.Ed 2nd year.

B.Ed practical files List-

1. Action Research Project for B.Ed Students in English

Action Research, according to Corey, the originator of the term, is the research undertaken by practitioners so that they may improve their practices. It helps practitioners to perceive understand and assess the situation, and it further facilitates a systematic analysis and working out plausible reasons, for the unsatisfactory condition.

Action Research project has become an integral part of current B.Ed practical files. The university with the inculcation of action research in B.Ed. the syllabus has made the course more effective and efficient with the knowledge of this discipline of research. The student-teachers would be able to solve the problem arising in their practice field in the near future very easily and make their practice field more conductive.

To help you out I have prepared a complete Action Research Project in English.

The topic of this Action Research Project is “A Study on Problem of Grammatical Mistake by the Students with Special Reference to Class vii of XYZ Govt. Higher Secondary School”

Check it out-Link

2. Achievement Test Report

Achievement Test Report is another important component of today’s B.ed Course and B.Ed practical files.

An achievement test is a test aimed to get the data about the students’ knowledge or capability in one subject. An achievement test is also a test that can identify the students’ strength and weaknesses in one subject

Check out the Achievement Test Report prepared by me Here

3. Critical Analysis of Syllabus and Textbook 

Syllabus and Textbook analysis has also been included in modern B.Ed course. A good syllabus is a resource for students. It should, at the very least, offer suggestions to assist students in pursuing topics that interest them, but it can also serve as a reference, a field outline to which they can refer long after they have finished our course.

Have a look at this syllabus and Textbook analysis report.

I have critically analyzed the social science textbook of class 10. Check it out Here.

You can also check out my class 12 political science textbook analysis Here

4. Case Study Report for B.Ed Internship Programme

A case study is an intensive, holistic description and analysis of a single social unit such as an individual, a  group, an institution, or a community. It is necessary to perform a case study in order to find out problems existing among the students in an educational institution.

In B.Ed internship program those who do not want to conduct action research they can submit a Case study report.

For your convenience, I have prepared a case study report. The Title of the  Case study is A case study on a  shy and introverted student named XYZ. Check it out here.

5. Lesson Plans

B.Ed practical files are incomplete without lesson plans. A lesson plan is the brief outline of the lesson that one teacher is supposed to teach. It is the blueprint of the lesson. The lesson plan is a means to achieve an end. It helps the teacher to conduct the class smoothly. Without a lesson plan, a teacher can’t complete his/her lesson.

I have prepared some lesson plans for you. Check it out Here

6. School Internship Report for B.ed

School internship is an important part of the Teacher’s Training Program. It is an integral part of total B.Ed. course, as well as B.Ed practical files and 250 marks, are allotted for the internship program. An internship program is a period of work experience for a limited period of time.

I Have prepared 3 different School internship reports for you. These reports include all the activies performed in school by B.Ed trainee teachers such as action research, achievement test, case study ect. Check it out-

Report No 1- Click Here

Report No 2- Click Here

Report No 3- Click Here

So that sums up our B.Ed practical files list. Hope it will help you in pursuing your B.Ed degree. Thanks for reading.

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