GK on Bhagadatta


1. Bhagadatta was said to be the king of Pragjyotisha. He was the king of Yavana and mlecchas. He was also described as friend of Indra.


2. Bhagadatta was the son of Narakasura, king of the Pragjyotisha Kingdom and second in line of kings of Naraka dynasty.


3. Vajradatta and Pushpadatta were his sons.


4. He was succeeded by his son Vajradatta.


5. He used to wore a divine gem in his forehead which was known as supreme gem in earth.


6. He sided with Kaurava in the Mahabharata war as he had long history of enmity with the Pandavas side.


7. His father Narakasura was killed in the hands of Krishna.


8. During Rajasuya yagya, Arjuna fought against Bhagadatta for 8 days and after a defeat he was made to acknowledge Yudhistheera as a fellow king.


9. Again during Ashwamedha yagya, Arjuna fought against Vajradatta, his son.


10. He was a leader of great army of Kirat and Chinas were also joined with Kiratas.


11. In the Battle of Kurukshetra, Bhagadatta fought on the side of the Kauravas.


12. He was very well known for his skill on his elephant, Supratika.


13. Bhagadatta was the oldest of all warriors in the battlefield, much older than Bheeshma and Drona.


14. He had to tie a silk cloth on his forehead so that the flap of his eyebrow skin is held in place and do not fall over to obstruct his vision.


15. On the 12th day of the war, he was involved in a fierce battle with Arjuna on his World Elephant Supratika, who was being attacked by Bhima.


16. During the course of this battle, Bhagadatta fired the super-weapon Vaishnavastra on Arjuna. Before Arjuna could counter this weapon however, Krishna intervened by standing up at the Charioteers position.


17. Krishna let His Chest to be cushion for His potent weapon, which turned into a garland and fell on Krishna (a weapon given to Bhagadatta by Lord Vishnu finally returned to his avatar).


18. Bhagadatta was killed by a lethal arrow shot into his chest by Arjuna



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