Food Avenue Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta – Washing Bowl & Strainer

rice bawl

Perfect Life Ideas Rice Washing and Strainer Bowl is a very useful product with remarkable features. The Kitchen Organizer satisfies Multiple Purpose usage.

It can easily be stored anywhere in the kitchen and occupies less space. Avoiding wastage of food is very necessary so Perfect Life Ideas Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Basket is apt for this purpose.

The intricate holes on the Strainer Sieves water completely by blocking the Rice within the Strain and thus avoid wastage. The Food Strainer has a smooth matte finish and It is lightweight and hence easy to carry

  • Perfect Size For Storage in Kitchen and for washing fruits . vegetables , pulses etc
  • Material: High Quality Plastic; Size : 22x18x12 cm; Color: Multi(as per Availibility); Finish: Matte.
  • The washer and strainer is light weight and hence easy to carry. It occupies less space and it is easy to clean. The whole process of rinsing and draining does not litter the kitchen and hence everything can be done in a systematic way.
  • It is very comfortable and convenient to use, prevents the wastage of food as the well-designed holes helps to block the food within the basket.
  • Pasta, Noodles, Rice, Vegetables,Cereals, Pulses, Dal, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Green Vegetables can be strained effortlessly as the process is simple. The package offers one piece in random colors.

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