Case Study Report for B.Ed Internship Programme

Case Study Report for B.Ed Internship Programme

Are you looking for a case study report for B.ed? In this article, we will provide a case study report for B.ed.

As an intern, we were supposed to identify a problematic child, understand the reasons behind his/her problem and try to provide remedial measures to his/her problem in order to solve and prepare a case study report.

A case study is a detailed examination of an individual, group of people or an occurrence. Case studies comprise of a one on one interview, questionnaires among other data collection forms. A case study involves studying a person’s life and experience to determine the cause of certain behavior. The research may also continue for an extended period, so processes and developments can be studied as they happen.

During the pre-internship phase, we had a session on how to prepare a case study wherein, it was focused on the meaning of the case study its importance, etc. As we have already done a case study in our previous semester and we were well briefed during our orientation session, therefore, I hardly faced any challenges.

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Case study report for B.ed-

Title of the study:  A case study on a  shy and introverted adolescent student named XYZ.

Name of the investigator: ABC


A case study is an intensive, holistic description and analysis of a single social unit such as an individual, a  group, an institution or a community. It is necessary to perform a case study in order to find out problems existing among the students in an educational institution.

This study refers to a student named XYZ studying in 7th  standard in XYZ English School. During my four months internship period of B.Ed 2nd  year in ABC English School, I had observed that the boy XYZ of class  VII  always wants to seat on the back bench.

I did not see him to communicate with other students.  I noticed that  the  boy  tends  to  be  slow  to warm  up  in  social  situation.  I  also  noticed  that  he  is  always  late  in  reaching school.   He faces difficulties in meeting people,  initiating and maintains conversation.

He was unable to give any answer of any question properly. He always tried to stay alone and did not show any interest to make friendship with other  students.  Even  he  did  not  go  to  participate  in  any  competition  or  co- curricular activities. Therefore to know the reasons behind his problems, I have taken  up this  study so  that  I  can help him  to deal  with his  problems  and  can show better performance in his academic career.


The information contained in the case study report is just for the purpose of fulfilling the condition of XYZ University that is compulsory in our B.Ed course,  which  has  to  be  submitted  to  the  college  authority  and  not  for  any personal intension and  usages. The  information provided  in the  report  is  very true and trust worthy. The content of this report must not be disclosed or copied without the   investigator   consent.

A   proper   investigation   is   done   before preparing the report. The suggestions and opinions are expressed in this report are  only  the  perception  of  the  investigator  and  do  not  necessarily  reflect  any other person.


During the four months internship period in XYZ English School, I have noticed that a boy named XYZ of class VII always used to seat in the last bench of the classroom and he hardly communicate  with teachers and other classmates.

Though he is attentive in the class, he was unable to perform any academic  tasks  given  or  the  questions  asked  in the  class. Because  of  this shy  nature  he  always  wanted  to  stay  alone.  Shyness  and  introvert  both  are different psychological traits of human being.

Shyness is a psychological state that  causes  a  person  to  feel  discomfort  in  social  situations  and  that  cause avoidance  of  social  contacts.  Introvert is  another  psychological  state  that describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally.

The behaviour of the boy in the class made me have an assumption of falling him in the category of shy and introvert. After a few observations I was confident about his nature who is unable to share his problems neither  with his classmate nor  with his teachers. This is the rationale behind identifying this boy to study up and to help him to deal with his problems has been suffering for so long.

Case Study Report for B.Ed Internship Programme

Case History:

I  visited his home and talked with his parents.  His parents were very responsive and cooperatively answered my questions.

Physical Status:

Physically the boy is fit and healthy, but he has acne problem in his face and  other  than  that  he  has  same  common  health  issues  which  are  natural  for human being. Because of acne problem his classmates teases him. This may be a  reason  due  to  which  he  feels  shy  and  lack  of  confidence  to  interact  with others.

Mental Status:

He is not mentally so sound. He is unable to read his text books properly and confidently. He always tends to stay alone and gets mentally disturbed or easily panicked whenever he was asked any questions.


The boy XYZ belongs to a middle class family. His father’s name is  XYZ  and  mother’s  name  is  ABC.  He stays with his parents and younger brother.  His  father  is  a  businessmen  and  mother  is housewife.

His parents are aware about his introvert nature but they are not so much concerned about his problems. They do not facilitate him any exercise or practise because of lack of knowledge about his condition. At his home also he talks  very less and always  likes to stay alone. So, he has very less interaction with his family members.


XYZ is a student of class VII, XYZ English School. His position in the class is low. His roll number in class is 21. Before getting admission in the school in class VI, he studied in XYZ English Medium School.

His previous school authority apprises XYZ’s parents about his less interaction with teachers and other students and about his low performance in class.

Due to this reason his parents withdraw his studentship from that school and admitted him in class VI in XYZ English School. In the class room he wants to stay alone, always sits on the last bench. Even in the leisure time he uses to stay alone and does not share his food with other students.

Sometimes he does not pay attention in the classroom and he is seen to think something else. He hardly participates in extra-curricular activities. Basically, he does not show any interest to participate in any competition like games, quiz, debate, drawing competitions. He feels hesitation to participate in any competition.

Related Case Questions:

As  an  investigator,  I  have  taken  a  personal  interview  of  the  student.  I have asked him some questions related to his problems as –

  1. What is the age of the student? Answer:- He is 13 years old.
  2. Where does the student live? Answer:- Ward No. 4, Rangia Town
  3. Do you have any brother or sister? Answer:- Yes, One brother
  4. Does he have any class friend in class? Anser:- No
  5. What does his father do? Answer:- Business
  6. What does his mother do? Answer:- Housewife
  7. Does he always come to school? Answer:- Yes
  8. Does he regularly study at home? Answer:- Yes
  9. What does he like except study? Answer:- He likes to play mobile/computer games
  10. What kind of relation exists between him and his parents? Answer:- Good but his interaction with his parents is very low
  11. Does he have any complaint about his classmates? Answer:- Yes, they are not interested to talk with him and always tease him
  12. Does he has any complaint about school? Answer:- No
  13. What is his favorite subject? Answer:- English
  14. Does he like to talk with other people? Answer:- No, not like that
  15. Why doesn’t he like to talk with others? Answer:- he doesn’t feel comfortable to talk with others
  16. How does he spend his vacation time? Answer:- he likes play mobile games
  17. Do your parents/teachers scold you because of your less conversation? Answer:- Yes, sometimes



From the above discussions, I have found that there are many causes of his shyness and introverted nature which hinder him in the development of his personality –

  • The feeling of inferiority complex could lead to shyness and introverted nature.
  • Lack of social skills and non-participation makes him inhabited around others and make him shy and introverted.
  • Lack of communication and friendly relation with his parents and teachers makes him shy and introverted.
  • The lack of awareness and responsibility of his parents towards him makes him shy and introverted.
  • Less expressiveness makes him shy and introverted.
  • Mental weakness may also lead to shyness and introverted nature.


  • Parents should motivate him to talk or communicate with others.
  • It is the duty of the teachers to make him feel secure during classes and teachers should encourage him to make friends with other students.
  • Parents should be  aware  of  the  behaviour  of  other  students  of  the  class towards  him.  So,  they  should  connect with  the  school  as  much  as  they can.
  • Special attention  should  be  given  to  his  mental  development  by  his parents and teachers.
  • Parents  should take  him to the psychiatrist for  his low confidence and introvert nature.
    Special attention  should  be  given  by  his  parents  towards  his  extra- curricular activities.
  • Teachers of the school should give special attention in some context. If he is not co-operating with teachers in class, then they should apply different methods to make him strong.
  • Sometimes remedial  classes  should  be  taken  for  him  at  school  by  the teachers.


This study is basically about a student of 13 years of age who is studying in class VII of XYZ English School. Through this study, I have tried to find out the problems that the boy is dealing with. During the four months of my internship period, I have come across about his shy and introvert nature.

From his family members I have come to know that the boy is very shy and introvert in  nature  from  his  childhood.  In  this  study,  I  have  find  out  some  possible reasons for his shy and introvert nature and also I have given some suggestions and recommendations of his problem through which he can overcome from his problem and can achieve a better future.


Emphasis – Extensive and detailed study or knowledge. Consent – Approval, support.

Assumption – A thing that is accepted as true. Apprise – Inform or notify.

Withdraw – Remove or take away.

Rationale – A set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or belief.


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So that sums up the case study report for B.ed. Hope you like it.

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