World Photography Day 2020 – Ten Rare Photos Updated

Today is World Photography Day. A special day in the world to honor pictures. Photos are the heritage of the world and history. It allows us to see how far we have come and where we have come.

On this occasion, check out 10 rare images that show the development and change of the world. A unique speech from these pictures, in which she speaks to us, says that it is necessary to fight for one’s cause and when you achieve it, history records you in golden letters.

Today we bring you some of these rare pictures and their story, see and share …

World Photography Day

This picture is of the historic moment when man first reached the moon. The first person to reach the moon is Neil Armstrong. This photo was taken in July 1969. There was only one camera at that time. So this picture was taken by Aldrin, who went on an Apollo mission with Neil. About 20 minutes after Neil set foot on the moon, Aldrin landed. He became the second person to step on the moon. After that, the two traveled together to the lunar surface. He placed the American flag on the ground and took pictures.

World Photography Day

The rest of the astronauts seen on the stretcher in the photo are Vladimir Kumarov, who fell to Earth from space in 1967. According to the website, Vladimir reached 23,000 feet via Soyuz 1. From there he was to return to Earth with a parachute. It usually took 15 seconds to open the parachute but it got so tangled that it couldn’t open. He had no other parachute during this time. The result was death on earth.

World Photography Day

This photo was taken on June 13, 1936. This photo was taken during the launch of a powerful ship, the Harst Vessel. The person who does not greet in the photo is named August Landmizer. August 1931 – Hitler’s party joins the Nazis. At the time, August was employed by a shipbuilding company. He was fired by the party in 1935 after an engagement to a Jewish girl, Arma Eckler. August was bored with Hitler’s dictatorship. Eventually, in 1937, he became upset and decided to leave Germany, but was caught. After a year-long trial, due to lack of evidence, he was left with only a warning.

World Photography Day

This image is of the world’s first atomic bomb, called a gadget. It was developed by the United States in New Mexico. The mission was called the Trinity. Physicist J. The United States, led by Robert Eisenhower, conducted its first nuclear test on July 16, 1945, in the desert of New Mexico. This image is from before the test. It weighed 21 kg, which was equivalent to 21,000 TNT of explosives. When it exploded, a smoke bubble was lifted at an altitude of 38,000 feet. A 100-foot steel tower was built to launch it.

World Photography Day

This photo is of a woman named Dorothy Countess. She is the first black girl to attend a white school. Admission was the hardest part, keeping yourself there. After enrolling at Charlotte Harry Harding High School in 1957, Dorothy was teased by students. The Tents joked, but did not give up and later became a strong face of American civil rights. The war for rights between blacks and whites continues in the United States today, although the situation is better than ever.

World Photography Day

The picture is of a dog named Laika, the first animal to reach space. On November 3, 1947, he was tied to a special chair in the Sputnik 2 spacecraft and sent into space. Sitting in it, Laika also circled the earth. It was a scientific experiment aimed at finding out how safe it is to send a man into space. Sadly, Laika never returned to earth. Leica died as the spacecraft’s temperature rose above normal.

World Photography Day

This simple gaze has become the subject of a church around the world. This photo was taken when the bananas first arrived in Norway. Norway was the second largest importer of bananas in Europe. A consignment of 3000 kg of bananas arrived here. It was like a precious fruit for the people here. In Europe, bananas were sold by sea from North Africa to Portuguese traders. In the 15th century it was called Banima. It was named ‘Banana’ in the 17th century. Gradually, it became a favorite fruit of the people here.

World Photography Day

This photo was taken in 1909. A lottery was drawn for the distribution of a plot of 12 acres in the desert. 100 people took part in it. The site later became Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Tel Aviv in the north of Jaffa in 1909 was known as a small settlement of sand dunes. Much progress was made later. Gradually, it became much cleaner and more modern than the cities around it. It was because of this standard that its historic future began.

World Photography Day 2020 - Ten Rare Photos Updated

This pose skirt of actress and singer Marilyn Monroe was very popular. Shot in a subway on September 15, 1954, this suffix of Marilyn Monroe is still popular. To take this position, Merlin was asked to stand on an iron net and the air was blown down with large wings. The 20th century actress was also known for her beauty and coolness. Growing up in an orphanage, Merlin was once a shy person, but today she is one of the most influential people in the world.

Photography Day Learn the story of the first picture and see the rare pictures

Today is World Photography Day: 194 years ago, the world’s first photo was taken on a black asphalt plate, the photo was taken in full 6 years and 8 hours in preparation.

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