The twist in Sushant’s death: The former manager revealed that Sushant was killed by his staff together

The twist in Sushant's death: The former manager revealed that Sushant was killed by his staff together
  • Sushant’s former manager Ankit has also called for security, calling his life a threat
  • Sushant’s brother Neeraj says witnesses could be killed, Mumbai police not providing security

Two months have passed since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, but his conspiracy is still tangled.

Now his former manager Ankit has claimed that Sushant was killed by his own staff. In Patna, on the other hand, Sushant’s cousin and MLA Neeraj fears the killing of witnesses.

Sushant began to cry sadly

Ankit had said in a TV interview that Sushant could not commit suicide because he was a positive person. He encouraged others.

Whenever Sushant was unhappy, he would cry or write poems. Ankit said the actor never slept in his room when he worked with Sushant.

I received death threats
Ankit said that if the door of his room was locked on the day of Sushant’s death, why didn’t his staff open it?

Ankit also claimed that he had received a phone threat four days ago that he would be killed if he became a witness in the Sushant case. Ankit also said that no summons has been issued by the Mumbai police so far.

Who was before Riya Chakraborty in Sushant’s life? Asked who he was with, Ankit said that before Riya’s arrival, Kriti (Senan) was a madam.

Sushant was not depressed when he was with her, but I don’t know what happened to her after that.

Rhea changed the whole staff

Ankit said, “When I came back from my village in August 2019, all of a sudden I had a change of staff. Her new bodyguards did not even allow me to enter her house.

I felt Riya Madam changed the whole staff. “However, I don’t know why he did that.”

Sushant’s body was found hanging from a fan

On June 14, the body of Sushant, 34, was found hanging from the roof of his flat in Bandra, Mumbai.

Since then, Mumbai police have been investigating the case and have recorded the statements of at least 56 people. Sushant’s girlfriend Riya is being questioned a lot in this case.

Neeraj’s allegation – Mumbai police is not protecting witnesses

Neeraj said witnesses were being threatened in the Sushant case. Mumbai police is not protecting them. We are demanding the protection of witnesses.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, we will also discuss with Union Home Minister Amit Shah the security of witnesses and other important points.

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