Trump needs the corona vaccine to improve his reputation in the November election

Trump needs the corona vaccine to improve his reputation in the November election
  • Opinion polls in the United States have shown that Biden is currently ahead of Trump.
  • Trump’s popularity was 46 percent before March, which has now dropped to 41.5 percent

The Corona epidemic has hit the United States hard. More than 5.4 million were affected, more than 1.72 million died. Millions lost their jobs. At the same time, Trump’s political image was severely damaged. According to the Financial Times, a survey conducted in various states of the country has shown that if elections are held today, November 3, Trump will be defeated severely. They will get 151 seats less than the majority of 270 seats.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden won 298 seats in the poll. Trump now needs a vaccine to improve the situation. Trump wants the corona vaccine to be developed in the United States before the election. He also asked people to give a surprise in October. Trump predicts vaccine success several times a day. He hopes the vaccine will be available in the country before November.

What about vaccine development in the United States?

1. Phase 3 trial of two vaccines is underway
Phase 3 trials of two Covid 19 vaccines are underway in the United States. The vaccine was developed by biotechnology company Moderna and Pfizer. The modern vaccine is called MRNA-1273, while the Pfizer vaccine is called BNT162b2. This is an unprecedented situation, officials said. We do not know how well these vaccines are working.

2. A fund of Rs. 471 billion has been provided for vaccines
The United States has provided 6. 6.3 billion (Rs. 471 billion) to develop vaccines through Operation Warp Speed ​​since March. This includes many pharmaceutical companies in European countries. It is reported that Trump has asked these companies to vaccinate the United States first. Since then, European countries have also protested.

700) Order to buy syringes and needles worth Rs. 700 crore
The United States has ordered the purchase of syringes and injections worth Rs 700 crore. Once the corona vaccine is ready, it will be used to vaccinate people. According to the US Department of Defense, this is important for the country’s epidemic prevention strategy. It will buy 500 crore syringes in the next one year. By the end of 2020, 134 million syringes will be delivered to the country’s hospitals.

Trump’s popularity has plummeted since becoming president
Donald Trump took office on November 9, 2016. Meanwhile, Trump’s popularity was high in all opinion polls in the United States. 45.5% liked them, while 41.3% disliked them. Its popularity has steadily declined over the years. In January 2018, only 40.4% liked him, while 53.5% disliked him.

Trump’s popularity improved in March before the Corona epidemic this year. During this time, 46% liked them, 48% disliked them, and 6% had no opinion. On August 14, 2020, its popularity plummeted to 41.5%. Currently 54.6% people dislike them.

Controversy over vaccine trials
Trials of the corona vaccine have also been controversial in the United States. In fact, the first volunteer to be vaccinated was a black woman named Rubin. After that, there was an outcry in the American-African community. This was due to the American Tuskegee experiment, in which the United States conducted experiments on black men for 40 years to treat sepsis. Black people were kept in the dark.

Last month, Robin took part in a video chat with the National Institutes of Health, which said he had done it to help others.

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