Ayodhya: ‘Ramayana’ will be adorned with different colors, leaders and actors in Ramlila

Ayodhya: 'Ramayana' will be adorned with different colors, leaders and actors in Ramlila

After the bhumi pujan of Shri Ram’s temple in Ramnagri Ayodhya, now the atmosphere is changing.

Ramlila is going to be tied here again. If the corona infection subsides, then the people of Ayodhya will get to see a great Ramleela, but even if the Corona stays that way, Ramleela will be played online.

Ram Leela will be held from October 17 to 25
In the year 2020, the historic Ramlila is going to be held in Ramnagri from October 17 to 25. It is believed that if the Corona Crisis ends, it will be presented to thousands of spectators on the open stage.

If Corona wreaks havoc, Ramiola will be broadcast online at a select location in Ayodhya. It can be broadcast on TV channels, Instagram Live, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

There will also be a political and film mood
Film star Ravi Kishan and Bhojpuri film star Manoj Tiwari will be seen playing important roles in the giant Ramlila in Ayodhya.

There will be a gathering of big stars in this Ramlila. In Ramlila, Ayodhya, Bollywood star and Dara Singh’s son, Bandu Dara Singh, including TV star Shahbaz Khan and many more film and TV stars will be in the spotlight.

Rukesh will be India, Manoj Tiwari will be Angad and who will be Hanuman?
In Ram Leela, Bharat actor and leader Ravi Kishan will play, Angad actor-singer and MP Manoj Tiwari will play. Bandu Dara Singh will play the role of Hanuman ji.

Bandu Dara Singh is a wrestler and the son of the late Dara Singh, who played Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar’s very popular serial Ramayana.

In Ramlila, Rao will be seen playing the role of TV star Shahbaz Khan. In addition, many Bollywood and TV stars will be seen in the lead roles of Ramlila.

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