Poison given to Vladimir Putin’s adversary in tea, fighting for life and death

Poison given to Vladimir Putin's adversary in tea, fighting for life and death

In Russia, the spokesperson of the Leader of the Opposition, Alexei Navalny, has given a great information. He said that Alexey is in ICU in a hospital in Siberia.

It is suspected that he has been poisoned due to which he became ill. The emergency landing of the aircraft was carried out on Alexi’s deterioration on his way to Moscow and he was admitted to a hospital in Omsk.

Navalny is identified as the leader of the anti-corruption campaign in Russia and is considered an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His spokeswoman Kiara Yarmesh has written on Twitter that Alexi has gone into a coma, has been put on a ventilator, and is undergoing various tests.

She further writes that ‘Alexey has been poisoned, he is in the ICU’. He told the Moscow radio station that ‘he has been intentionally poisoned by someone’. Government news agency TASS has informed that Navalni is in the Intensive Care Unit for the patients of Zahrakhurani of Omsk Emergency Hospital No.1.

Yarmesh told that the police and investigators had come there and they had questioned a doctor. He wrote on Twitter that, “We think that poison was added to his tea, because that was the only thing he drank in the morning”. Yermesh told that he had gone to Tomask in connection with some work.

Vyacheslav Gimadi, the head of the legal department of the Anti Corruption Foundation that Navalny is president of, wrote on Twitter that, “There is no doubt that Alexey has been poisoned only because of his political position and his political activities”.

He also informed that Alexei’s lawyers have demanded an inquiry into the assassination attempt of the leader of this stature, which is related to the general public.

Previous attacks
There have been physical attacks on Navalni in the past, and in the past there have been incidents of poisoning and killing critics of the Kremlin. He told how Navalni had an attack in 2017.

Outside his office, a person threw green dye on his face, due to which the chemical in his eye got burnt. In August last year too, Navalni was arrested by the police due to a demonstration and when he came out from the police detention center, his face was swollen and there were all the bruises.

Navalny is a charismatic lawyer and whistleblower who visited these areas to encourage a strategic voting against Putin’s supporting candidates in local elections to be held in more than 30 regions in September.

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