Donald Trump is better than any American president in strengthening relations with India

Donald Trump is better than any American president in strengthening relations with India
  • According to the White House Security Council, during the Trump administration, the United States became the second largest supplier of arms to India.
  • The United States did not sell arms to India until a decade ago. After Trump became president, it gave arms worth Rs 1490,000 crore to India.

President Donald Trump is better than any other president in strengthening relations with India. In the last three and a half years, Trump has expanded his partnership with India in a number of areas.

The United States has given India an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the MQ9 without an agreement before Trump’s presidency. In the days to come, they will continue to work to improve relations between the two countries.

According to the White House, Indo-Americans have rallied after the Corona epidemic. Pharma companies in both countries continue to supply global drugs worldwide. Companies from both countries are also working together to develop vaccines.

A senior White House Security Council official made the remarks in an interview with PTI.

The United States is the second largest arms supplier to India
According to the White House Security Council, the United States has become the second largest armed country in India under the Trump administration.

Until a decade ago, there were no arms deals between the two countries, but since Trump’s arrival, the United States has sold کو 20 billion (1.4 trillion) worth of arms to India.

Arms deals worth 3 3 billion (approximately Rs. 224 crore) have been struck this year. Under this, the United States will provide MH606 naval helicopters and AH64 Apache helicopters to India.

Trump and Modi’s visit to each other’s countries deepens the friendship
Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi have visited each other’s countries. This has deepened the friendship between the two countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the White House on June 26, 2017 after Trump became President.

In September 2019, Modi attended Howdy Modi’s program in Houston, which was attended by more than 55,000 people.

In February 2020, Trump addressed about 1.1 million people at the Namaste Trump program in Gujarat. These programs have strengthened the relationship between the people of India and the United States.

Trump sought to restore peace in the Indian Ocean region

India and the United States worked to facilitate the movement of ships in the Pacific region, so that global supply could be restored. For this, the United States took India as well as Australia and Japan into confidence.

The foreign ministers of the four countries also met for the first time in September 2019 to discuss issues related to restoring peace in the region.

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