Belarus protests – Russia offers military intervention saying “we are ready to provide military assistance to Belarus”

Belarus protests - Russia offers military intervention saying "we are ready to provide military assistance to Belarus"
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured Lukashenko of help, Putin said – Belarus is under pressure
  • “NATO was plotting to overthrow my government, deploying artillery and fighter jets along the country’s border,” the Belarussian president said.

Protests have intensified in Belarus against President Alexander Lukashenko, who won the election a week ago. As many as 200,000 people took to the streets in the capital, Minsk, on Sunday to demand his resignation. Protesters accuse Lukashenko of rigging the election to seize power.

Protests against Lukashenko have been going on for the past seven days. So far, two protesters have been killed and thousands detained.

According to local media, Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken to Lukashenko on the phone twice this week. He has assured Lukashenko of help.

“We are ready to provide military assistance to Belarus under an agreement between the two countries, if necessary,” Putin said. The country is under pressure from outside. However, it did not say where the pressure was coming from.

Lukashenko’s allegations – NATO is trying to overthrow my government

Lukashenko has been president of Belarus for 20 years. He is also known as the last dictator of Belarus. Lukashenko has accused NATO (North Atlantic Trinity Organization) of conspiring against his government after protests intensified.

Lukashenko has said that NATO wants to overthrow his government. It has deployed its artillery and fighter jets in areas bordering Belarus. However, NATO has denied this. NATO has said it is keeping an eye on developments in Belarus, but claims about its military readiness are baseless.

Lukashenko is said to be Europe’s last dictator

Belarus, which borders Russia to the west, seceded from the Soviet Union on August 25, 1991, and became an independent state. This was followed by a constitution and the first presidential election in June 1994. Alexander Lukashenko became president.

There have been five elections since 1994. The president is still Lukashenko. Lukashenko is seen as a dictator. He has been accused of rigging the election every time.

Why is Putin supporting Belarus?

The pipeline that fuels Russia passes through Belarus. Russia considers Belarus its buffer zone against NATO. Russia does not want its presence in Belarus to be reduced.

If Lukashenko’s regime is overthrown in the country, Russia could suffer. At the same time, Russia and Belarus have signed agreements on mutual assistance. Putin is believed to be backing Lukashenko and Belarus for these reasons.

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