5 Best Office Chair For Upper Back Pain – Reviews

5 Best Office Chair For Upper Back Pain - Reviews

Are you looking for the best office chair for upper back pain? In this article, we will breakdown the best office chair for upper back pain.

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Starting off at number 1 we have the Herman Miller Embody Chair as the best office chair for upper back pain. For those of you that already have quite a bit of prior knowledge when it comes to office chairs, the name Herman Miller will be of no surprise.

They’ve been one of the leading chair manufacturers for years and are behind some of the most iconic furniture pieces in the modern era.

With a resume like this, you know their office chairs are going to be of the highest quality. The Embody, for us, fully embodies the phrase, world-class office chair (Mind the pun).

The technology in this thing is the next level and to learn how it was made only heightens my respect for the company and the chair itself.

The idea came from the late Bill Stumpf (creator of the Aeron chair) and designed by Jeff Webber and a team of up to 20 physicians and doctors who specialize in ergonomics, physiotherapy, and biomechanics.

The chair’s design is extremely intelligent, it’s been designed around the human body and has a spine and ribs which flex and bend to accommodate your current position.

This, in turn, reduces the stress on key areas of your body and repositions tension to other areas more suitable to handle it.

The build quality is utterly superb and comes with a 12year Herman Miller warranty which just shows you how confident the team is off this chair.

Unfortunately for some, this chair is going to be out of range in terms of price. However, for that price, you get unrivaled levels of back and lumbar support, a good level of comfort, and build quality that is going to last the test of time.

2. Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair

At number 2 we have the Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair. The only offering from Humanscale comes in the form of the ever-popular Freedom office chair.

The Freedom was designed by the legend, Niels Diffrient whose main goal was to redefine the manually adjustable office chair into a product that automatically alters to the user’s exact needs.

In a nutshell, the Freedom takes care of all the recline tension and tilt functionality by itself, all you have to do is lean back when you feel ready.

The latest iteration of this chair comes with a self-intuitive headrest that moves to agree with the current position of your head.

This effectively maximizes neck support and adds extra comfort respectively. The chair comes in 5 different fabric colors but can also be purchased in a luxury leather finish which really adds to the high-end profile this chair already has.

The Freedom just misses out of the top spot but does offer something the Embody chair doesn’t, a fully automated chair that alters it’s a position to suit your needs perfectly.

3. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair

At number 3 we have the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair. It is another best office chair for upper back pain.

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the best gaming chairs over the last 10 years then you will be fully up-to-date with the classic Mirra office chair.

The Mirra 2 is a rework based upon the old classic and comes to the table with some excellent new design materials and functionality.

Studio 7.5 are the team behind the design of the 7.5 and they have been quoted saying the Mirra 2 is “Support for people who work in a constant state of motion”.

That gives you a little taster of what the guys had in mind when designing this thing.

Ergonomically the chair moves to support your every need, whether you’re leaning in one direction or straining in another, the chair will alter itself to reduce strain as much as possible.

The backrest has a mesh finish and the seat is cushioned meaning you have both excellent back support and decent buttock comfort at the same time.

Like all Herman Miller products, they try to find a good balance between comfort and support and the Mirra 2 cracks it nicely. Studio 7.5 decided to be the first chair designers to make use of reusable materials in a chair and that is primarily what the Mirra 2 is made of.

The chair is completely reusable once it comes to the end of its lifespan but doesn’t wait for that to come round anytime soon.

These chairs are built to last and 10years of usage is easily achievable.

4. Hag Capisco Puls 8010.

The Hag Capisco Puls 8010 has acquired rank 4 in our list of the best office chair for upper back pain. Hag’s Capisco is one of the leading standing desk chairs available in today’s market.

For us, however, there’s no competition. The Capisco has been designed with versatility in mind and allows the user to sit in several different positions with the same amount of comfort.

What that means exactly is that, whether you want to sit upright, down low and cross-legged, stool seated or even backward, the design of this chair will be able to accommodate the highest levels of comfort.

Further to this, the newly designed Capisco comes in a fully plastic iteration which has largely reduced weight whilst still being comfortable and supportive.

Speaking of support, this office chair provides excellent levels of lumbar and back support thanks to the superb ergonomic design used for this chair.

If you’re struggling with back pain and can’t find a chair that’s right for your needs, you’ve probably been looking for this one all along.

5. Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair

And for our final pick at number 5, we have the Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair. Finally, we come to our last pick. No best of video would be complete without a budget offering and that’s exactly what we get with the Sihoo Ergonomic office chair.

Don’t let the price fool you though, the Sihoo comes with a load of features that other, more expensive chairs simply don’t offer.

At its heart, the Sihoo office chair is a fully functional, reclining, back supporting and comfortable chair. However, thanks to some handy additional features, the Sihoo becomes so much more.

The headrest on this chair is great and offers real levels of head support especially when you pair it with the mesh backrest.

The seat is comfortable but not too soft which, again, boosts its supportive values. A really nice feature of this chair is the footrest which is built-in and can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Had a hard day at the office? lean back and put your feet up. The great thing about this chair, as mentioned above, is that it’s our budget pick and is considerably less than other chairs in this list.

So that sums up our the top 5 best office chairs for upper back pain. We hope We hope this article has given you a starting point in selecting the best office chair for upper back pain.

We also hope you enjoyed it. If you did please leave a comment. Until next time have a great day.

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