3 Best Utility Knife For Cutting Carpet, Cardboard, Wallpapers Etc

Are you looking for the best utility knife? In this article, we will breakdown the top 3 best utility knife for cutting carpet, cardboard, Wallpapers, etc.

1. FC Folding Utility Knife

Starting off at number 1 we have the FC Folding Utility Knife. Whether you intend to use it during your camping, hunting, or at your home as an everyday pocket knife to cut wallpapers or pack holiday gifts, the FC Folding utility knife offers good value and a high-quality portable knife option.

The utility knife is built with heavy-duty carbon steel blades. Carbon steel makes an ideal material for the blades as it is tougher and more durable. Additionally, when designed to use as a knife blade, it is sharper than other metals such as stainless steel.

The material’s robust nature also gives them a more acute edge thus, preventing the utility knife from bending or braking even when cutting harder materials. During maintenance, carbon steel is much easier to sharpen compared to other metal allow blade materials.

However, carbon steel can fight corrosion but as effective as stainless steel. The FC folding utility knife also features an extremely safe and easy to use design. The pocket knife incorporates a single button lock back design which helps to hold the knife in place whether opened or closed, so when in work you are not at risk of cuts due to the knife snapping.

And when you have closed it and placed it in your pockets, you are not at risk of cuts as well. For the ultimate functionality and utility, the pocket knife also comes with five free blade designs.

Plus, the pocket knife is also designed to also accept all standard size utility knife blades. To make it easier for you to change the blades, the pocket knife has an easy access button that requires no extra tools to change.

Additionally, the foldable knife’s compact build is further enhanced by its weight and well thought out dimensions. When opened, the knife measures 6.6 inches and when closed, it measures down to 4.3 inches.

And at all times, the knife weighs only 4.8 ounces. The pocket knife comes with a knife holster. And the portability of the pocket knife also allows you to easily clip it on to a belt, money clip or toss it on to your daypack. The knife also comes with an ergonomic handle for a secure grip and all-day comfort.

2. Sheffield 12113 Series Utility Knife

At number 2 we have the Sheffield 12113 Series Utility Knife. The Sheffield 12113 series is the ultimate utility knife option for both indoor and outdoor use.

The pocket knife is designed with a one-hand operation for added convenience and ease of use. With it, you can easily cut through paper, plastic, and even thick cardboard.

The pocket knife comes with a pre-installed blade and an extra blade for future changes. The blades are made of stainless steel. There is a reason why stainless steel is a popular material.

The stainless steel material used for the Sheffield 12113 series is excellent at fighting corrosion and very easy to maintain. The stainless steel blade material also combines impressive wear resistance, heat resistance, and superior sharp edges.

The Sheffield utility knife stainless steel material also adds to blades’ hard, tough and rigid finish, so even if you accidentally cut through the rougher and hard surface the knife will not break.

The blade’s tensile strength also gives it an excellent backbone as it is highly flexible and can easily bend without breaking. The Sheffield pocket knife also boasts a unique and patented quick and easy blade change mechanism.

Unlike traditional pocket knives, the blade change system makes it easy to use for anyone. Plus, the pocket knife is designed to fit any standard blade. The utility knife also comes with a 3.5-inch aluminum handle to allow for easy grip and long-lasting comfort.

Furthermore, the aluminum handle and housing help to significantly reduce the weight of the knife, at just 4 ounces. Don’t confuse the lightweight built of the aluminum with its high performing abilities, however.

Although ultra-lightweight, the aluminum housing material provides superior protective and sturdy qualities. For added comfort and portability, the utility knife comes with a belt clip.

Even with its superior quality, the blade surprisingly offers the best value amongst good quality utility knives. In fact, you can get this blade at a fraction of the price of similar high-quality utility knives.

Thus, utility knife gives you both value, quality, and versatility. The only downside to the Sheffield 12113 series is its closing mechanism.

It lacks a positive closing stop, thus, over time it is scratch inside the handle and housing. Yet the blade s comfortably hoked onto the aluminum housing, so the construction design will never disrupt function.

3. Alltrade 150003 Series Utility Knife

And for our final pick at number 3, we have the Alltrade 150003 Series Utility Knife. The Alltrade utility knife comes with no surprise in regards to its sharp blade edges and high performing abilities.

This is thanks to the Alltrade’s trusted and long term quality guaranteed utility knives fabrication. The Alltrade utility knife guarantees sharp blades, ergonomic housing design, lightweight finish, and affordability.

The utility knife uses the highest quality materials and incorporates modern technology to produce a working gem. The Alltrade 150003 series feature an auto-loading blade mechanism design that gives it a true utility knife profile.

The quick blade removal and changing mechanism employ the safest precautions during the process. The same safety and subtle precautions are also employed and adapted on to the utility knife to ensure users are protected at all times.

In under three seconds, with a single push on the button, older and dull blades can simply be popped out of the knife housing. And to attach new sharper blades, simply squeeze the lever on the handle.

The utility knife comes with six free heavy duty blades. The extra blades that come with the knife are stored onboard the knife for safekeeping. To guarantee the unbeatable quality, the utility knife has undergone a series of tests to ensure its construction design and choice of high-quality materials are on-point and of long-lasting durability.

The utility knife also bears a thick blade construction and heavyweight which allows it to tackle heavier material without compromising the construction and material integrity. Plus, the sharpness of the blade alleviates that predictable and slow-paced cutting process you notice when using lower quality or lighter utility knife blades.

Plus, the knife’s durability goes beyond the sharpened and heavy-duty nature of the knife. Subsequently, the knife is also built with ultra wear resistance and less susceptibility to losing its sharp qualities.

To add functionality and comfort to the user, the utility knife is fitted with an ergonomic handle. The padding on the ergonomic handle provided the ultimate cushioning so you don’t end up with strained muscles or burning fingers.

The knife also features a curved design for a natural grip to your hands, so even when you are using the knife, there is no risk of slipping.

So that sums up the top utility knives. We hope you enjoyed it. Until next time have a great day.

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