4 Best Shaving Brush For Sensitive Skin – Reviews

Are you looking for the best shaving brush for sensitive skin? In this article, we’ll break down the best shaving brush for sensitive skin whilst comparing them for price versus performance.

1. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush With Drip Stand

Starting off at number 1 we have the Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush With Drip Stand best shaving brush for sensitive skin. The Edwin Jagger is handmade in England. It comes with a matching drip stand so your brush can air out after your shave.
This brush made from badger hair, making it great for building up a good lather and handling coarse beard hair. The bristles are made from quality badger hair which holds the firm to create an excellent lather.

These bristles hold up even with the coarsest beard hair, they absorb hot water during the shave to create a smoother gentler lather. The badger hair softens and lifts beard hair to help get a closer shave that lasts longer. ..
The handle is imitation ivory and medium in size. It is very smooth and easy to grip. This Edwin Jagger brush also comes with a drip stand, to air out your brush after a nice shave.

After shaving, make sure to thoroughly rinse the brush with warm water. The drip stand helps preserve the brush by allowing it to properly dry out.

The brush comes with special care instructions to help ensure longevity. The bristles of this brush do not fall out like with other brushes.

2. Parker Deluxe Boar Bristle Shaving Brush with Rosewood Handle and Stand

At number 2 we have the Parker Deluxe Boar Bristle Shaving Brush with Rosewood Handle and Stand. This is a very affordable brush that is great for wet shavers of all kinds.

It’s such an attractive brush and works up a great lather with a variety of different shaving soaps. If you have a beard and want a clean face, this brush is stiff enough to get the soap past a thick layer of hair to the skin underneath.

The base of the brush is stiff with softer tips (that will only get softer over time), but enough oomph to work up a great lather.

This handle is absolutely stunning. It is so well balanced and feels nice in your hand. The pictures do not do the glossy Rosewood justice, by any means. The Parker Deluxe is a dapper little brush that looks great on the counter.

This brush includes a stand, that makes drying after each shave effortless. It takes 1-3 weeks for this brush to fully break-in depending on how often you shave, and with proper care, you can expect it to last you about 10 years.

3.  Vie-Long Special Horse Hair Shaving Brush

At number 3 we have the Vie-Long Special Horse Hair Shaving Brush. The bristles are made from horsehair. The tips of the bristles are extremely soft, while the bases of the bristles are stiffer.

The handle is a dark redwood with a smooth and easy grip. The Vie-Long logo is visible on this handle. This brush is built to last several years and with proper upkeep, the bristles should not fall out.

4. Omega Pro 48

Best Shaving Brush For Sensitive Skin

And for our last pick of the best shaving brush for sensitive skin at number 4, we have the Omega Pro 48. The Omega Pro 48 is made of boar hair, which is known for its strength and stiffness.

It is virtually mistake-proof and extremely forgiving when you are learning how to properly lather your soap. The Pro 48’s handle is lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand.

The chrome finished ABS is eye-catching and feels nice while working up a good lather. Boar is more forgiving than badger, but you still need to make sure to clean and dry it properly.

It is very easy to clean and will hold up for 5-10 years or more if you take care of it.

So that sums the best shaving brush for sensitive skin. We hope you enjoyed it. Thank you.

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