Rice And Fruits Washing Bowl Under Rs. 99


Are you looking for the rice and fruits washing bowlIn this article, we will breakdown 5 rice and fruits washing bowl under Rs. 99.

1. ABLE Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta Washing Bowl 

Do you need clean rice? Or a bowl that is multi-functional? Then this ABLE Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta Washing Bowl is for you. This bowl is made of plastic and will not break or rust. 

This Rice Washing and Strainer Bowl is a very useful product with remarkable features. The Kitchen Organizer satisfies Multiple Purpose usage. It can easily be stored anywhere in the kitchen and occupies less space. 

Avoiding wastage of food is very necessary so this Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Basket is apt for this purpose. The intricate holes on the Strainer Sieves water completely by blocking the Rice within the Strain and thus avoid wastage. 

The Food Strainer has a smooth matte finish and It is lightweight and hence easy to carry. Multi-functional Bowl This very large colander with the bowl is a must-have kitchen gadget and strainer. 

It has so many functions. This bowl can be used as a mixing bowl, prep bowl colander, colander rice washing bowl, and vegetable washing bowl. Stylish and Creative Design There are fixed holes between the layers, making it easy to drain and buckle. 

Stylish and creative design drain holes are even. The distribution is convenient for the basket and the bottom drain is fast and effective. 

2. Gambit Plastic Fruit Bowl Thick Drain Basket with Handle

Gambit Plastic Fruit Bowl Thick Drain Basket is an innovation in cooking and preparation gadgets. Rinse is a 2-in-1 bowl and strainer that is perfect for washing fruits, vegetables and salad.

This bowl has all that you need in one utensil. The colander has a bowl that helps you soak your food, the sieve that helps you strain it and is case you are cooking rice, soak, rinse and strain it in the very same colander.

There are fixed holes between the layers, making it easy to drain and buckle. Stylish and creative design drain holes are even. The distribution is convenient for the basket and the bottom drain is fast and effective.

It is an ideal gift for family and friends due to the perfect combination of practically and art design. This multifunction colander/strainer set is an essential kitchen tool that helps to speed up the process of washing fruits and vegetables. Strainer can be used to drain and dry salad quickly!

Made of high-quality PP, this strainer not only shows beauty but also ensures durability. It's easy to clean and hand washing is recommended.

Equipped with well-spaced holes, this strainer allows you to draw water away from food quickly while retaining the solid inside.

3. Been Rice Pulses Fruits Vegetable Noodles Pasta Colander Washing Bowl 

First of all the quality of this Rice Bowl is very good. It can be used for storage too. It serves its purpose to drain the water from the rice to the fullest. The material is of very high quality and no there is no compromise on the Matera used. 

It is strong, durable and very easy to use. Overall this is a perfect product for your kitchen and you should buy it without any second thought. Further at this price range it is surely a value for money deal.

4. DeoDap Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta - Washing Bowl

Multi-Function Bowl with Integrated Colander is the ultimate kitchen aid for cooking and serving. You can rinse, drain, mix and serve food all in one bowl. The non-slip base keeps the bowl steady as you work while the easy-tip edge makes it easy to go from rinsing to draining to mixing. 

Ideal for preparing and serving salads and soft fruits or for rinsing and draining rice and lentils prior to cooking.

The size of the container is very user-friendly, it's not too small or not too big, it's just the right size to fit your goods. We offer our customers a wide range of assorted colors to their liking.

The ergonomic design of the strainer makes it very easy to use, it can be used for rice, fruits , vegetables etc. The design promotes easy straining which makes life easier for the customer and is also good for many kind of food.

5. KNK Marketing Plastic Washing Bowl for Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles

This is a very useful product to wash rice and vegetables. It drains water without having the ingredients to slip off the vessel. Good durable product and it’s has the best rate online than on retail stores.

Its very handy and build quality is excellent. Rice, Pasta and other Chopped Vegetables can be washed. It's a value for money product.

It's a nice product which also saves water in huge quantities, plastic material is also strong and it's also good for washing vegetables and fruits.

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