6 Best Meat Grinder For Home – Reviews And Buying Guides

Are you looking for the best meat grinder for home? In this article, we will breakdown the top 6 best meat grinders for home available on the market.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Meat Grinder  For Home

1.  STX International STX-3000 Turboforce

Starting off at number 1 we have STX International STX-3000 Turboforce. With a 1200-watt powerful motor, this is easily one of the best options out there in terms of power and versatility in grinding meat. The unit comes with a standard 12” grinding head, which is significantly larger as compared to other grinders available in the market.

You also get three additional grinding plates for coarse, medium and fine grinding. Since the grinding plates are made of tempered steel, it is not advised to wash them in the dishwasher. That said, washing them by hand shouldn’t be a problem. The 3-speed control system on the STX-3000 gives you a quick grinding experience.

There’s also a conveniently placed ON/OFF switch. If you drop something in the feed chute by accident, the grinder immediately stops to avoid any damage to the unit, which is a neat feature for a meat grinder to have.

The STX-3000 also comes with a modified Beaner Plate, which makes it easier for more melt flow through the grinding head and into the sausage casing. You also get to choose from any one of three sausage stuffing tubes.

Those who are familiar with the Traditional Middle Eastern Dish, Kubbe, are going to appreciate the Kubbe attachment. The STX-3000 comes with a 30-Day unconditional money-back warranty, and a 3-year warranty(with parts and labor).

2.  KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment

At number 2 we have the KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment. The KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment can be used with the KitchenAid stand mixer is perfect for grinding meats.

Preparing your own sausages at home is extremely easy with the KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment. The fine grinding plate makes a quick job of grating hard cheese. The hard-plastic grinder attachment enables you to do more than just grind meat with the KitchenAid stand mixer.

The KitchenAid Grinder Attachment is the ideal option for preparing a small breakfast ora large tube of bratwurst. The grinder attachment includes housing, knife, auger, a fine, and coarse grinding plate, stomper/wrench and securing ring.

3. Gourmia GMG525Electric Meat Grinder.

At number 3 we have the Gourmia GMG525Electric Meat Grinder. Gourmia’s mission has always been to take the stress out of everyday cooking, and it does just that with the Gourmia GMG525 Electric Meat Grinder. The grinder is fast and efficient when it comes to grinding meats or preparing the sausage of Kibbeh.

The 3 blades provided enable you to prepare a variety of cuts. The GMG525 also features a heavy-duty food tray, an on/off and reverse switch and a dual safety switch. Maintaining and cleaning the Gourmia GMG525 Electric Meat Grinder is easy since all the parts are removable and easy to clean.

You also get additional parts such as a sausage horn and a kibbeh attachment as well. The Gourmia GMG525 is a high-quality appliance and has been ETL certified for its high level of energy efficiency and safety.

4. Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder.

At number 4 we have the Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder. Those who are looking for a reasonably priced meat grinder will find one in the SunmileSM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer Maker.

This meat grinder has been designed to be an upgrade of the hand grinder and allows the user to grind meats efficiently thanks to its powerful 800W motor. The SM-G31 can grind up to 150 pounds of raw meat per hour.

A well-placed on/off switch makes it easy to operate. Sunmile has been manufacturing great products for the past 20 years, and the Sunmile SM-G31ETL Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer Maker is no exception.

The structure of this grinder is sturdy and well built; it also features a gearbox that takes care of any resistance while grinding meats. You also get a safety switch which cuts off power in times of emergency to avoid burnouts.

The Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer Make is easily deserved its place in our list and will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

5. Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinder

At number 5 we have the Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinder. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty meat grinder that can grind large amounts of meat with relative ease then the Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinder should be right up your alley.

The Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinder operates at around 0.5 horsepower and is able to deliver large quantities of ground meat for hamburgers, bratwurst, and sausage fillings. The grinder comes with three grinding plates and attachments which have been designed to enhance its grinding efficiency.

The Weston Pro Services 22 Electric Meat Grinder features a sturdy handle, stainless-steel build, and features, such as, a reverse function, a 10mm Stainless steel snack stick funnel and high-speed stuffing auger that makes it easy to stuff sausages. There’s also a tray guard to keep the user’s hands safe while the machine is working.

6. LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel ElectricMeat Grinder

And for our final pick at number 6, we have the LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel ElectricMeat Grinder. Those who are familiar with using LEM products will at once notice the changes that have been made in the all-new LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder.

The stainless-steel housing for the motor ad its heavy-duty roller bearings makes this one of the toughest meat grinders available in the market today, and easily makes it one of the top contenders for the best meat grinder title.

The LEM .75 HP stainless steel electric meat grinder features a permanently lubricated motor, which you don’t see much of in the latest grinder models.You also get many additional parts and accessories which makes grinding easy.

This grinder features Big Bite Technology which allows the auger to take an extra ‘big bite’ from the meat before moving it towards the grinder head.This means you get to grind larger amounts of meat without clogging the grinder. So, you can grind twice as much, in half the time.

So that sums up the top 6 best meat grinders for home available on the market. We hope you enjoyed it.

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