How I Get AdSense Approval By Following 9 Easy Steps | Top 9 AdSense Approval Trick in 2019

Google AdSense is being used by millions of publisher to monetize their blog. However
getting AdSense approval is not easy nowadays. Google is imposing certain strict policy and as a publisher you have to follow all those policy in order to get AdSense approval.

I recently got Adsense approval in my website after 4 RE-submission. After every rejection from Google AdSense I learned something new about Adsense approval process. So. in this article  I will disscuss certain STEPS that I followed, which ultimately helped me to get Google AdSense approval and I  truly believe that following these similar steps you can also get Google AdSense approval very easily.

Steps To GET Adsense Approval:

AdSense Approval Trick

Step 1:

Selecting Right Blogger Template:

Template plays a very important ROLE in getting AdSense approval. I will recommend you to use Optima Blogger template. Because  I got AdSense approval by using this template. Before using Optima i used several other templates such as, Newspaper blogger template, Alpha blogger template, Palki 2 blogger template etc. But every time faced rejection from Google AdSense. Therefore I will suggest you to go with Optima Blogger template. You can use the FREE version. I will give its download link below, you can download it from there.

Download link

AdSense Approval Trick

Customization of OPTIMA Blogger Template:

When you customize Optima blogger template, you MUST focus on the following point

  •  Don't use drop down menu in your website:

AdSense Approval Trick, how to get adsense approval

In optima blogger template, you can place header ads (728×90) under the main menu bar. In that case if you use drop down menu, it will come over the header ad, which will be considered as  "unaccepted implementation" by Google AdSense. As a result you won't get AdSense approval.

  •  Remove all the unnecessary Widget from your website:

Don't use too much widgets in your site. Keep it simple and CLEAN. Your sidebar should look professional.

  •  Remove Google+ from your website:

Optima blogger template comes with several social sharing bottoms, such as FB, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Google plus etc.

But as you already know that Google plus has been shut down by Google, therefore you much remove Google plus Sharing bottom from your site.

  • Create Contact us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions Page etc:

AdSense Approval Trick

Google has make it very clear that your site MUST have  Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and conditions and About us page. Without these pages you won't get AdSense approval.

So, create those pages for your site. You can create those pages very easily. If you don't want to create these pages on your own, You can just copy it from other website. Don't worry, you won't get any copyright strike for it.

If you want to create these pages, then VISIT the following link:

Step 2:

Write at least 80% unique content:

Content is the king. It is the unique content that will help you in getting AdSense approval. But don't worry you don't have to write 100% unique article for getting AdSense approval. Google allows 20% Copyrighted or plagiarized content.

How to check Plagiarism:

There are lots of FREE  plagiarism checker tools are available in the internet.

I will suggest you to use I personally use this tool.

AdSense Approval Trick, how to get adsense approval

One important thing here is that by using this tool you may find that there are lots of plagiarism content in your article. But don't WORRY if this tool shows that your article is unique more than 60% ,then your article will easily pass in Google plagiarism check.

So, after writing any article check its plagiarism in If it shows that your article is 60% unique, then publish it in your blog.

Don't use It is one of most popular plagiarism checker tool, BUT it does not provide authentic result. Initially I used this tool, it showed that all my articles were 100% unique. But when apply for Google AdSense, my articles failed in Google plagiarism check. SoI don't recommend this tool.

2. Write Article of minimum 500 words:

You will get lots of people, who will tell you to write article of at least 1000 to 2000 words in order to get AdSense Approval. I want you to ignore them. You don't need to write article of 1000 to 2000 words to get AdSense approval. 500 words are enough to get AdSense approval. If you don't believe me, then go and check my article.

I am not saying that don't write long article. If you are good at writing then go for it.

3. Write at least 20 article before applying for AdSense:

On the above point I told you that 500 words article is enough for getting AdSense approval. I told you so, because if you write short article you can write 20 article in a very short period of time.

Step 3:

Don't use logo for your website:

AdSense Approval Trick, how to get adsense approval

LOGO makes your website look professional. But if your site is in, then don't use logo. I will explain why.

In WordPress you can easily manage your Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 and so on. But in blogger if you use  logo Your Heading 1 or H1 will be automatically disappeared. But if you don't use logo your website name will be considered as Heading 1.

If you don't trust me then check your website seo twice.
  • 1st using logo
  • 2nd without logo

You can check it here:

Important Note:

Heading 1 is vital for your website's on page SEO as well as for Site's ranking in Google. Therefore i will suggest you not to use logo if your website is in

Step 4:

Check 404 Error and Broken link:

According to Google AdSense policy your website should not have any bottom, link, page or anything that leads to no result or errors.

Therefore checking 404 error is very crucial. You can simply check it here:

AdSense Approval Trick, how to get adsense approval

If you found any broken link or 404 error, fix it immediately.

Step 5

Remove the following Code from Your Blogger HTML:

If you have add meta description in the setting of your website, then it is essential to remove the following code.

 <!-- Description and Keywords (start) -->
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
    <meta content='YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
    <meta content='YOUR KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>
    <!-- Description and Keywords (end) -->

If you don't remove this code, Google will consider your site as having DUPLICATE  meta description.

Step 6

Use Images:

Using image is very essential not only for AdSense approval but also for your website's on page SEO.

But the most shocking point here is that, if you open any article from your website in your computer, without using images, it will show the URL as not safe. iF you can't provide a secure connection to your readers, they will never visit your site. Check out the following image-

AdSense Approval Trick

But please don't use COPYRIGHT images. I am giving some sites where you can download copyright free images.

Step 7

Submit your website in Google search console:

It is very essential to submit your website in Google search console. Google search console INDEX your site URL in Google which in turn helps in achieving a better ranking in Google search result.
If you don't submit your site in Google search console, AdSense will reject your approval request by stating that your site don't have any content.

AdSense Approval Trick

How to submit your site in Google Search Console:

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on Search Preference
  • Now you will see the option of Google search console
  • then click on Edit
  • Next click on Start now and you will reach to Google search console dashboard.
  • NOW Click on Add a property

After that you have to do certain task such as submitting your sitemap etc. I will add a YouTube Video, you can watch it if you find any difficulty.

Step 8

Define language in meta tags

Defining your language in HTML meta tag is also very important for you blog. In order to define the language simply put the following code under <head>.

 <meta content='en' name='language'/>

Step 9

Check your article in

After following all the above mentioned step now its TIME to check your website's seo score by using


AdSense Approval Trick

It is the most reliable free SEO analyzer tool. It will show what you have done perfectly in your website and what else can be done to make your site even better.

Seobility will give you a seo score and if your score is above 75 then you can expect AdSense approval next time. I want to wish you GOOD LUCK.

Now let me know your SEO score in comment box.

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