What is New Social Movement ? Subjects, Features, Agents and Politics of New Social Movement

What is New Social Movement ? Subjects, Features, Agents and Politics of New Social Movement

New social movement alludes to the movement that took place after 1960, such as women movement, peace movement, ecological movement etc.  New social movements are product of post Industrial society, which places emphasis on human right issues. The main exponents of new social movement are Jurgan Habermas, Alain Touraine, Offe, Alberto Melucci etc

Subject of new social movement:

New social movement includes the following subject:
  1. Human rights
  2. Environment
  3. Peace and disarmament
  4. Role of women
  5. Basic needs of education
  6. Health etc

Basic features of new social movement:

  1. New social movement is not  class based movement but it is based on diffuse social status such as sexual orientations, gender  or profession.
  2. New social movement is described by pluralism of thoughts, values and ideas rather than a established ideological position.
  3. In New social movement the differentiation between collectivity and individual is Blurred.
  4. New  social movement focuses non income issues such as  sexual conduct or behavior, LGBT rights, abortion or premature birth, opposition of smoking etc.
  5. New social movement reflects skepticism towards the traditional means of democratic participation.
  6. New social movement is very diverse, segment and decentralized in nature.
  7. Political transformation is one of the main objectives of new social movement t however alongside it additionally discusses individual Choices.

Agent of new social movement:

New social movement have a solid base and dynamic involvement of individuals which reflect peoples discontent towards the conventional political organizations and quest for  alternative institution.

New politics with new social movement:

New social movement enters into the new form politics by utilizing  new strategies and methods to demonstrate dissatisfaction. From 1990s onward  new social movement have been utilizing  information and communication technologies in order to increase the reach, speed, and scale of  social movement and also to achieve its goals. It builds up horizontal authoritative structure for peoples'participation. It doesn't have faith in inflexible chain of command, thus idea of leader and lead does not exist there. The prominent individuals from new social development wants to call themselves coordinator or organizer instead of leader.

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New standard of new social movement: 

The ethical vision of new social development is noteworthy. It is a vehicle for aggregate change in financial and political field. In the social field the new social development can create awareness among socially denied segment. In financial field, new social development cwt start elective advancement technique to include everyday citizens in developmental activities. 

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Difference between New social movement and old social movement:

  1. Old social movement is the product of Industrial society  but new Social moment is the product of post Industrial society.
  2. Old social movement was class-based. It includes some recognizable class, for example, working class,peasantry class and so on. Each class attempts to achieve their financial security and progression however new social development isn't class based. It depends on diffuse social status, for example, sexual orientations, gender,  or profession.
  3. Old social movement and new social Movement varies in its social base. Common laborers was the principle social base of old social development but social base of new social development is known as new class who has higher degree of education and training and more access to data , assets information, resource and technologies..
  4. Old social movement resorts to Marxist theory to explain that society is partitioned on class line and classes are  opposing. But new social movement is essentially Nationalist  ethnic, and plural.
  5. Unlike old social movement new social movement does not  rotates around financial issue.. It is worried about self identity, issue of freedom etc. LGBT movements, environment movements, tribal movements can be placed in the category of new social movement as these movements quest for independence or autonomy and dignity.
  6.  New social movement unlike old social movement is recognised as Grass root or micro movement and it does not attempt to capture the control over state rather it lays emphasis on addressing the needs and interest of disadvantages or excluded groups of society.
  7. New social movement is based on local issues focusing on small social groups but old social movement is not based on local issues, it is single issue focused.
  8. New special movement does not require solid belief system to accomplish its target but ideologies like Marxism, communism assumed a significant role in old social developments..

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